Confession #1  

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11/28/2005 2:03 pm

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Confession #1

I have a confession to make. Back in 1999 I was part owner of a construction company with a friend of mine that I have known since high school. One day he asked me to drive the girlfriend of his nephew home as his nephew was in jail, his girlfriend had just turned eighteen.

Anyway I took this girl home to her mother but her mother was pissed that she had taken off the night before without telling her so she wouldn't let her in the apartment. So we drove around for about two hours when she asked me if she could drive my car and I said yes. All the time she is driving the car I noticed her sweat pants and wondered what she looked like under them.

I reached over and and told her to sit up for a moment and I pulled her sweat pants down while she was driving. She just giggled. I put my hand between her legs and began to feel her. Once again she giggled. I suggested that we find place to go and we went to an outdoor ampi-theater where we parked at the far end of the parking lot she and I both hopped into the back seat where I pulled her sweat pants all the way off and I pulled down my pants. I then began doing it to her and was amazed how she responded. Not like an eighteen year old but more like a seasoned thirty year career woman who knew what she wanted! We did it for almost an hour and I have to say that I must have lost ten pounds that day. I was thirty four at the time of this encounter. We had a few more encounters and then she and my friends nephew got into trouble with the law and they both had to leave the state. I don't if he ever knew I was doing his girlfriend and I never told my friend or his nephew either.

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