My trip to the Brown Bag  

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2/16/2006 7:23 am

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My trip to the Brown Bag

As promised, here's a recap of my trip to the Brown Bag. For those of you who have never been there, it's very dark when you first enter and takes a while to get accustomed to the low light level. I stood off to the side for a while and just surveyed the crowd. (A couple dozen guys there, I would guess.) Nothing I could get excited about, so I started cruising the booths, just walking down the aisles and looking into the booths with the doors open.

About halfway down there was a man standing and watching watching the movie. He looked promising, not fat and nicely dressed. I stepped into the room and saw that the movie was a girl sucking off a gigantic cock. We made small talk and I let it be known that I was there to suck a man off, and I would like it to be him.

He told me to close the door and started taking his pants off. I knelt down and waited. Once he had his pants and underwear off, he sat on the bench and spread his legs. He had a very large cock, at least 8 or 8 1/2 inches and only partially hard. I really prefer a hard cock and it seems like the really well-endowed guys don't get that hard. But I wasn't going to turn down the opportunity to suck a semi-hard beauty like he had. I moved forward to get between his legs and lifted his cock up to my mouth. As it slid between my lips, I could tell that he had showered very recently. A definite plus. I held the head in my mouth and worked it with my tongue, circling the head and teasing the slit. He reached down and pushed my hand away. Some guys like a no-hands blowjob and that's okay with me. I continued to suck the head and work the underside with my tongue. He said that if I stayed on the head, he would never cum. Okay. I opened wider and slid down the shaft until the head was pressing the back of my throat. I held his cock like that for a couple seconds and then started moving up and back down, feeling my mouth filling with his wonderful cock on each stroke.

He didn't say anything, but seemed to be enjoying it. A couple times, I pulled back too far and his cock slipped out of my mouth. Since he didn't seem to want any part of me to touch him except my mouth, I moved my face back to where his cock was rather than lifting his cock back to my mouth. He did get a little harder and I settled into a nice rhythm, bobbing my head up and down in his lap and taking as much of his cock in as I could handle. I squeezed the shaft between my tongue and the roof of my mouth, making sure to keep the head securely in my mouth.

He asked if I swallowed and I said that I did (as well as I could with a mouthful of his dick). After several minutes, I started moving faster, taking him deeper and forcing my face down onto his cock until I almost gagged. I continued at that speed for several more minutes, enjoying the pleasure that I was bringing him and myself by sucking him off. His legs began to tense up a little and his cock got a little harder and I knew he was about to cum. The first burst was not that big, so I didn't swallow immediately, but the second and third jets of cum were huge. I had to pull back to swallow the mouthful of sperm that I had, and he pumped his hips upward trying to get his pulsing cock back deep in my mouth. Once I had swallowed, I plunged back down on his cock and he shot another stream of cum into my waiting mouth. By then I was sucking wildly, trying to get every drop of cum he had to give. At the same time, he was pushing his hips up, trying to fuck my mouth and feed me that load his balls were carrying. And I was delighted to be fed, greedily sucking and swallowing. All too soon the spurts slowed and he slumped back down on the bench. I continued holding his cock in my mouth, sucking very gently and feeling my mouth filling with the cum that continued to seep slowly from his cock. I swallowed and then took his cock as deep as I could and milked a few more drops out as I drew back. I reluctantly let his softening dick out of my mouth and it fell against his leg. I leaned back and looked up at him and told him that I had really enjoyed that. I told him thank you and he said I was welcome. I asked him if I could try again and he said he didn't think he could get hard again for a while. I told him that would be okay, just let me suck it. He said he didn't have time right then and stood up. I stayed on my knees while he dressed. Then I stood up and he left. I waited a couple minutes and just reflected on how great the last few minutes had been. As I left I looked at my watch, and realized that I had been there almost 40 minutes. Allowing for the time it took to hook up, I had been sucking his cock for about half an hour. It didn't seem that long, but I lose track of time when I am doing what I enjoy - pleasing a man by sucking him dry.

Although I would prefer about 7 inches and very hard, if you want to be sucked regularly, and you are bigger or a little smaller than that, don't be afraid to contact me. I want a clean, d/d free, circumcised man who needs no-strings, regular blowjobs.

easytouch14 64M

3/23/2006 5:52 pm

Nice story. I can't wait to try that mouth of yours.

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