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12/28/2005 10:53 am

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After Tom

I continued servicing Tom for my entire freshman year and over most of the summer, but when fall came, he was off to college. I was in a quandry at the time. I wanted to continue sucking cock, but how to find a suitable partner? I was still very concerned about people knowing that I was a closet cocksucker because things were't as open back then as they are now. I began to become interested in girls about that time, but a part of me would always crave a hard cock in my mouth.

Fortunately the things you can catch now weren't even imagined back then. I didn't have a car and I was too young to drive anyway, so I couldn't explore too many options. I started going to various sporting events through school and would frequent the boy's bathrooms at the away games. Not often, but every once in a while, I would be washing my hands at the sink near the urinals and I would make eye contact with someone and everything would click. We would find some reasonably seclude spot and I would perform a very hurried blowjob. It wasn't all that good, but it was all I could get. I guess I probably was able to satisfy my craving 6 or 7 times over a 2 year period. Not very good considering the banquet that I had with my previous 2 partners.

Then I got a car!!! On weekends, I began stopping at forest preserves - it didn't take long to find the most productive ones. Most of the guys cruising through were middle-aged, married guys just looking for release. Some would be apprehensive about me looking so young - I was only 17, but told them I was 19. The nice thing about the forest preserves is that you can be selective. I never blew any fat guys or anybody who looked nasty or shady looking. There were plenty of men who were very eager to have a nice looking young guy down on his knees sucking them off. My favorite place had a lot of areas that were well hidden so nobody could sneak up and catch me doing what I loved. I went home with a load of cum in my stomach most of the times I went to the woods and occasionally the guy I was doing would slip me a few bucks after he zipped up.

I sucked a lot of different cocks that summer and some were better than others. Most were just one-timers, though a few of the men would come looking for me after a previous encounter.It was all very exciting and I was getting what I wanted, but it would have been nice to have one regular guy to blow on a steady basis. That didn't happen again for years. As easily as it happened with both Mike and Tom, I assume that the cock was just out there for the taking and I would have no trouble sucking all I wanted.

Things happened and soon I was off to college, meeting girls and eventually getting married. I didn't suck anyone for years ater that, but the craving was always there though and I managed to keep it under control for a long time. Eventually I realized that I could have it all. A healthy sex life with my wife and visits to my alternate life, on my knees with a throbbing cock deep in my mouth preparing to reward me with a load of warm cum.

And that's where I am today. Looking for another regular (I had one that recently ended, but that's a story for another time).

If you would like regular, discrete oral service from someone who just loves sucking cock, give me a call.

rm_mibi1971 45M

12/28/2005 6:46 pm

You must have been reading my mind, I never had the luck like you had in school but I have those same feeling and you should run with them..I Have not sucked a cock in 14 years and recently ran into an old school mate and suck his cock and it was everything you describe in your letters and more. keep up the good work i am also glad to know I am not the only married man out there that can enjoy a healthy sex life with his wife and take some cock on the side.

billwillservice 60

12/29/2005 12:59 pm

Thanks for your comments. I knew I wasn't alone. Did you just not follow up on the urges in school or did they not present themselves? I read your blog. Staring at a man's crotch is an effective way of letting him know you are interested, but it can get you a punch in the nose if you pick the wrong guy. I hope once you had him in your mouth you finished the act, even if you couldn't take it all. If so, he'll let you try again, especially if you swallowed. Just tell him you need to practice a lot.

As far as deepthroating goes, some people (myself included) just have a strong gag reflex. With all the cocks I've sucked, I still can't take all of a large one, especially if it's thick, The way I take that little bit extra is to take all of his cock that I can and just wait a second, take a deep breath and force my face down on it. It will slide in another inch or so, but it won't last long before I gag and have to pull back. Good luck - maybe you'll do better.

Keep watching my blog for further accounts of Bill sucking cock.

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