Strong desires - how to scratch the itch?  

bill_knight 50M
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8/8/2005 12:50 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Strong desires - how to scratch the itch?

Today I was surfing the web and came across an article that spoke about the signs that your spouse is having a cybe affair. Funny thing is it got me thinking... not of why I shouldn't have an affair, but why why haven't I used the internet more to find someone for a casual and mutually benefitial relationship! Very interesting how the mind works!! Sick? I am not sure. Just a guy with a lot of carnal desire and limited outlets. Masterbation - yes, but not as good as the real thing. Massage parlors - yes, but so impersonal. Escorts - maybe, but dangerous. Where could I find someone that was a normal women (realtively speaking) that had the same needs as I???

So, I came across and decided to setup a profile. Ah... what to say that would entice a beautiful, educated and similar-minded women to contact me over the thousands of others out there? (the ratio of men seeking women to women seeking men is 25 to 1 - great odds for us fellas) I decided to go with an ad that was very honest - too honest? Not sure yet since it has only been out there for a few hours. I did however, get a smile from someone interested, and to think, I did not even have to post a picture of my penis - isn't that what all women want in web personal ads? LOL.

Now, I guess I have to purchase credits to communicate with the soon to be waiting line of women - I hope I have to beat them off with a stick (which stick is the question)! Seriously, I wonder what type of ad is appealing. There has to be a self-help guide on how to put an ad out that grabs all of the attention from the extremely crowded marketplace. Marketing! That's it! I am guesing that guys that have a marketing background do much better than those that don't. Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of background. I could try to get attention by offering money (not that I have all that much), but that would be the same as soliciting a street walker - not good enough.

I am at a loss. After reviewing the blogs, I thought writing one would be a very good way of at least releasing my frustration - just plain old "writing about it" except that it would be in a place that my wife would not see. Too risky to write down my these thoughts on paper - they are much too intimate. Perhaps, I will find someone that is as needing as I sexually. That needs to have sex many times a day. That wants to try new things. That loves men as much as I love women. That longs to feel the adrenaline rush from a new sexual adventure.

Alas, a question to all of the women out there - what attracts you to a man's web personal ad? It can't their personal description since people tend to lie. It has to be something else. Something elusive. Not something that only marketing people get I hope. Any advise would be helpful.

Back to surfing porn on the web. My browsing ads from women on the site has made me hopeful and horney - which is my constant condition as I think very positively and about sex very often. I will have to release myself before I explode. Maybe, in a few weeks it will be with some lucky women in New York

rm_sexy40islady 57F
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8/8/2005 7:57 pm

Personally, I'd much rather see the man's face or even just a fully clothed shot of him from the neck down. Of course, I am a fine one to speak since I did put a naughty picture up. But since I work in the legal field it would be rather embarssing for a client to recognize me... I like to blog and love reading other's thoughts. Good luck to you!

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