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I miss sexin' with an absolute freak. Not that there's anything wrong with what I'm getting now mind you. It feels great. There's just something when two natural freaks get together. The things that are done. The memories created. The places that they are done in or at (my personal fav). Sure I've had sex in the usual places people have sex: you room, in cars, at hotels. It's the unuasual places that really get to me. The roof, the stairway, the park on the bleachers in broad daylight, in the trailer of a semi, in an office trailer, and etc. I miss those days.
It happened where ever we were at the time. No planning. No waiting. Just two people with the urge that saw no point in waiting any longer than we had to. Sure we could have gotten caught and sometimes we did (and not just by the cops either). The excitement of going to, what you may think at the time, is a secluded enough place. Not secluded, no time to waste, just secluded enough.
Just the ability to hold her close, grab her ass and whisper in her ear "I want you" and to know it'll get taken care of right there or atleast damn close by. Even better is when all that is said with a nice, slow, deep kiss and immediately you both know that it's on. Being led to a spot by her with her hands in my pants working my cock up to rock hard. Tearing each others clothes off in a place that we know we shouldn't be tearing each others clothes off. Laying the clothes on the ground or floor stratigically enough that it just covers where the skin will be.
Feeling the rain hitting or breeze blowing against our bare skin. Hearing the people walking and talking in the distance not know that there are two people hidden from direct sight working there way up to orgasm. Listening to the cars drive by hoping that one of them won't be a cop coming to spoil a perfectly good sex session. Hearing the people in the elevator as it rises up and down in the shaft going about there business not knowing that I'm above them working my shaft in and out of someone. At the top of the stairway trying to cum as quietly as we can so it doesn't echo through the building. Having a girl cum hard in the middle of the evening, and my parents being not more the twenty feet away in the kitchen, as she has to cover her face with a pillow so noone is the wiser.
Feeling the soft caresses of finger tips turn into firm grips on my body, which turn into her nails digging into my chest or back. Being on my knees in front of set of round, soft hips with her back to the wall and her hand holding the back of my head as I make her knees weak. Feeling her ride me for her own absolute glory. Pounding against me determined to give herself the best orgasm she can. Using my cock as her own personal dildo, not worrying about what I want 'cause she knows I'll get mine.
For some reason there's nothing sexier to me than a girl cumming. I've even sexed girls that I didn't even think were all that sexy, but when they came all that changed. There's just something of a female being able to let go of her restraints and just let loose. Even though that does have it's drawbacks. While screaming is cool, when people three or four full cement dorm rooms away can hear you with the doors closed, well that's a bit much. Watching a female orgasming is probably my one of my greatest turn ons. Whether I'm giving it to her orally or manually or she's at it all by herself. If I'm in her OMG! I just get greedy and I want to give more. There are even times where I get a little ticked because I know you where just about to cum (even if it is for the how many ith time) and I just can't hold out anymore.
Sex is an exploration of the mind and body's barely touched parts. I remember the most unusual scenes most vivdly. The curves on her body as it stood or lay before me. The surprises we gave each other from little things like the first kiss on your back that sent waves through your body to the big things like the first orgasm you have had in more than ten years because your ex couldn't hang. I yearn to tantalize and surprise as well as to be tantalized and surpised.

I'm a freak...waiting and hoping that I'll have my chance with another. To create more explosions of the mind and body.

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