How i lost my virginity...  

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2/15/2006 2:52 pm

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How i lost my virginity...

Well as you can see work is tough right now lol. No not really but this weekend might suck for sure. Looks to be real busy.
Anyway since i am such an outwardly sexual person i thought i might answer one of the questions that i get a lot. I was only 14 when i lost my virginity. I lost it to what i thought was the cutest guy in school. He was 17 and was the guy that all the girls wanted to be with. I always went way out of my to get attention from him. I had seen him around my sister some because they were in the same class. I always tried to talk to him. He would talk to me and i think he thought i was cute but we both knew i wasnt in his league. Early my freshmen year of high school i went to a party that he was at. I did my best to stick around him and talk to him. He was drinking a little bit but he wasnt drunk. I started to be more assertive and he sat down on the couch and i followed behind him and sat on his lap. We just kinda sat their and talked to other people for a little while before i started kissing on his neck. He seemed to enjoy it so when we gained eye contact i went in and kissed him. We made out right in front of everybody for like ten minutes. He asked me if i wanted to go upstairs with him and my heart started pounding and i said ok. We went upstairs to the parents bedroom of the guy throwing the party we kissed a lot standing up and he let his hands roam free on me. I felt his excitement in his pants and then i made one of the boldest moves ever and asked if i could take care of that for him. Well before i knew it he was sittin on the edge of the bed and i was on my knees preparing to give the third blowjob of my life. At this point i had no idea what to do with a penis but i went to work on his dick like i was gettin a grade for it. I breathed through my nose and bobbed my head on his dick for what felt like an hour. in reality it was like ten minutes but never once did i pick up my head or take his dick out of my mouth. About half way through he reached down and pulled my shirt up so my still growing titties showed. I got real nervous but kept my rythm. Then out of nowhere he asked, "do you wanna do it?" which wasnt the most romantic way to have your pussy proposed to but at the time i was still glowing that he wanted me. I picked my head up and said sure in the coolest voice i could trying to make it seem like i had done it all the time. I stood up and took my shirt off completely and then started on my pants. I was sooooo nervous cause he just sat their watchin me undress will his dick saluted me. Once my pants were off he did the honors of removing my panties. Then there i was on the bed completely naked as can be and he still had all his clothes on including his shoes with his pants pulled down. I laid on my back and spread my legs and he said somthing but i was too nervous to notice. About this time i realized that the door to the room was still half open and their were three guys there looking straight at me as i am spread eagle for all to see. I was scared and emberrassed but before i knew it he was on me trying to pry into my seriously tight pussy. I would later learn that he was a decent size once i had seen a few more cocks in my life. He didnt finger me or anything he just kept trying to work it in. He was able to get about a quarter in and he asked me if i was ok. I said ya but really it felt like i was being ripped apart. He told me to relax and i did my best to. He finally got it in and he started a good pace on me. I started making noises that i really had no control over. I heard the guys at the door laugh and say something. He went for about twenty minutes but it seemed like a long time. It was somewhat enjoyable but i was still in some pain. We didnt have protection and i was really nieve about any safety so he blew his load inside me without even asking. He collapsed on me for a minute. Thats when it finally hit me what had happened. His heavy body was on me, he was still inside me and i had cum leaking from my pussy. He rolled over and lied there with a limp dick. I saw the guys leaning against the doorway laughing so i got up kinda quick to put on my panties. I had cum dripping down my leg. I was too grossed out to touch it so i just put my pants on. He got up and kissed me on the cheek and said thanks as he zipped himself up. He got some high fives from the guys at the door as he left. I got dressed and found a ride home soon after. I was shocked and scared but i never really regretted it. I actually did it two more times with him that year until he kinda lost interest in me. Well that is my long and boring story. Hope you all liked it. Let me know what you think!

rm_wenchang1966 46M
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2/15/2006 9:17 pm

Oh, my poor Julia, now, you still keep this excited action? Very excited story of your, kiss you, my lover.

havenbliss 43F

2/15/2006 9:45 pm

Well I can understand that is a somewhat shitty way to lose your virginity and you seem to sound like it wasn't the most enjoyable experience in your life. I mean hey 14? I was at least 17 and already had my hymen literally ripped by an inept intern during an exam so by the time it was actually my first time it was a piece of cake.

Prom night (how cliche?) and I "helped" him look for his keys and we had sex outside. It was fast but pretty good. We ended up getting viewed as well but I really could have cared less. I am pretty much hard to embarass. We never had sex again but damn it is always amazing how much you get pestered by guys once they know you have "put out". Too bad I only slept with one other person until I graduated high was one sexual romp after another. Funny how that cycle seems to continue!

Hope you at least are meeting and fucking people you at least can find enjoyment with and maybe when you have a kid you will tell them your story so they will wait for someone who at least has some brains in their dick before taking someone's virginity in a public place with his friends watching so he can get a high five when it was done. Next time you have sex, maybe you should do a reversal have your gf's watch and have them give you a big high five as his penis goes limp.

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2/16/2006 2:45 am

Few people give much thought to guy’s loosing their virginity, but it frankly is nearly as big a deal for a guy that age as well.

I too was 14 and she was 17 also. I had already had my growth spurt and was 6’ tall by then and looked 16 or 17. All of my friends at the time were older as well, most were driving with their own cars.

I was spending the summer with a friend at his cousin’s in No. Cal near the town of Bishop. It’s a tourist area in the high desert south of Mammoth Lakes Ski resorts. The local hang out was a ‘Hot Springs’ which actually was a giant public pool filled with heated mineral spring water.

My friend, who was 17 also, his cousin and I had all gone to the springs to swim and hang out. While we were there we met a pair of sisters, both locals, who the cousin knew. The older sister was 19 the younger 17. My friend and I, being new in town became the center of attention and soon paired off with them.

After a couple of hours of swimming, talking and just hanging out we all decided to leave together in my friends car. We were driving around taking in the sights when someone suggested that we go check out an abandoned church (of all things) on the outskirts of town.

The cousin waited in the car while the four of us went exploring. The one sister and I ended up in the old sanctuary, alone. We started making out while just standing in front of the pews.

She let my hands roam unmolested, which for me was a new experience. I was accustomed to a wrestling match instead. Before long I had her blouse and bra pulled up and her panties pulled down, with my pants around my angles.

Understand that this was so much farther than I had ever been before; I was excited, scared and plenty nervous. Excited by the whole scenario, scared that she would stop me at any moment and nervous that she wouldn’t stop me.

I found myself, without a clue what I was doing, trying to penetrate her while standing there. Too scared to say lets lay down, or anything else for that matter, we stood there trying to fuck with my legs trembling as I bent kneed performed what seemed like the right motions.
She finally must have figured out that I didn’t have a clue, took me by the hand and led me to a pew, where we did our best on the narrow hard wood. When we finished, we discovered that my friend and the sister, who had finished long before us were standing in the back watching, and giggling at us for much of the time we were ‘getting it on’

I remember every detail, the place, time of day the look and feel of her body, the color of her panties and the cleanliness of her bra.. The point, I guess, is that it isn’t always meaningless to the guy as everyone assumes.

I hope that my technique has improved over the years.

looking296641 35M

3/18/2006 5:53 pm

Wow, that's such a depressing story

I had a much different experience, but it wasn't extraordinarily romantic, just kinda funny. You've inspired me to write about it in my blog!

rm_1967ps 49M
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6/7/2006 8:46 am

Sad story, I wish he had been a bit more attentive to your needs, but us guys are often pigs. Anyway, I'm glad you are having more fun now. Best of luck and always enjoy yourself.

rm_jvpman1 37M
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7/19/2006 9:57 pm

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