Are boobs offensive?  

bijulia12 47
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6/7/2006 3:05 am

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7/5/2006 1:40 pm

Are boobs offensive?

The weirdest thing happened to me tonight. I went out to a bar and i was dressed as i usually am which is qute revealing. I met a couple guys and played a round of pool with them and then we hung out in the corner at a table. The topic of conversation came upon my boobs and i offered to show them which like most men they jumped at the chance. I pulled my top down and talked to them for about ten minutes while revealing my chest. It cause a little bit of attention but nothing crazy. Our conversation continued and i talked to them with nothing showing for abouta half hour. Out of nowhere a large man comes over and starts lecturing me about how i shouldnt be showing my boobs! And he wasnt quiet about it! The worst part about it washe never even saw me! He just had heard about it from someone else. I understand that some people dont want to see but was i being that offensive. Anyway sorry for being so longwinded. Please Share your thoughts.

monkeyboy818 37M

6/7/2006 3:32 am

I can only say that he was jealous because he was the only person not to see them. As you are fully aware any red blooded male would have no problem with a woman flashing her breast's unless it was his girlfriend and even then some men don;t crae about that.

Please do not stop flashing your breast just because some excuse for a man didn't get a oggle.

UglyOldHippie 66M
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6/7/2006 3:46 am

Personally, I find nothing wrong with a womans boobs. The guy that started lecturing you about your exposure must have been one of those far right wing christian fundaMENTALists. If he was, the real question should have been, "What's a religious fanatic doing in a place like this?" The only thing wrong was that guys perception.
Now, like I said, I find nothing wrong with a womans boobs, or her thighs, or any other part of her body, because, if we were supposed to not show our bodies, we would have been born covered from head to toe with clothes. Come to think of it, that goes for a mans body as well. I don't see anything wrong with looking at or sharing pleasure with either men or women. There's nothing wrong with partial or complete nudity, promiscuity or raw sex!

Blue_eyes_smile 42F

6/7/2006 4:57 am

Hmmm, Ill have to try that the next time I go to the bar..oops guess that wont happen I dont go to bars...but just because one guy's sour attitude towards flashing, I wouldn't stop. I'd do it more go girl

BiF33Ut 50F
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6/7/2006 5:06 am

Maybe the large man was jealous because your boobs were so much nicer than his big saggy man-boobs.

People are odd. Don't look back

mikewv1967 49M

6/7/2006 5:37 am

The only thing I can think of is that there is a time and a place for ecerything and in his mind that was neither the time to flash or the place.

I guess to put this way...I love getting head, but just because I am horny at Chilli's doesn't mean that I should ask my woman to perform on me while there (obviously wrong place).

But, overall...if you get something out of showing your beautiful tits at a bar, then more power to you and I wouldn't stop...maybe he should stop trying to project his hang-ups in all places...a bar.

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6/7/2006 9:18 am

There is always someone that don`t like something about any situation,,,I guess we all have to deal with it...Im just sorry that I missed the show,,,Oh well maybe next time,,...

rm_Bones06 64M

6/11/2006 12:12 pm

It takes all kinds to make a world, Hon. The unfortunate part is when we have to meet some lame stiff-collar who can't allow others to live as they choose. Obviously, you have a wonderful free spirit, so please don't let this opinionated jack-off hurt your feelings, or influence your actions. You have me wishing I were lucky enough to be there. Rock on, Hottie!

bucky90403 52M

6/18/2006 1:07 pm

I agree that he was probably jealous because he missed it or that he's too tightly wound. Don't let it bother you and put it behind you. Speaking of your behind, you should have mooned him as he walked away.

bucky90403 52M

6/18/2006 1:08 pm

p.s. that's a lovely picture.

VLMax1968 48M

7/3/2006 3:32 pm

You're asking THIS group if you did something wrong?!? ROFL! I agree with the other posters: you didn't do anything wrong at all. While it's most likely illegal, I don't feel that it was at all immoral. Keep doing it! We should all be so lucky to have such physical beauty and the self confidence to show it. Naked we come into this world, naked we should enjoy it (well, within reason, I guess). Keep enjoing life!

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