Whats in your wallet?  

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1/19/2006 9:15 pm

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Whats in your wallet?

Whats in your wallet?

So it's Thursday and the weekends' here soon, oh how I wish I had someone to spoon.

Where to go and what to do, you asking' me?, I have no clue.

They say a great heart leads to much joy, how can you have it without your boy?

As I check out my room, to see where everything is stored, I realize all is well, I am just bored.

Alone, like the empty big space in the sky, when and where will I see her sweet Cherri pie.

Now I am not bitter don't label me like that, just some people should be hit with a big baseball bat.

So I dress for style, and the night life, still loneliness creeps in,and cuts like a knife.

Now I live my life full of trust and honor, no matter who says what, I am a great father.

Just as I would like it to be, I double check sometimes and make sure I have tea.

When I get ready I act as best I can do, pay attention to detail, until I am through.

Check the mirror for signs of old age, no one else would know, have to look my best and put on a show.

Go to the closet to find the best shirt, red, purple or blue, I made the best choice just for you.

On with the rings and all the bling bling, maybe I should find a nice place and just go sing?

Now I am a romantic man from the heart, but some women always seem to blow it, right from the start.

I'm ready to venture out for the night, I go here I go there, all I've got was a bite.

It's almost 11 when I get to the club, there is a great big crowd as far as I can see, just looking for a woman to sit on my knee.

What do I find but a bunch of drunks at the bar, shot glasses empty, wow that went far.

Some of them giggle and scream like the 'Ole wild wild west, and to think for all this, I put on my best.

Look at the ones on the dance floor they are dressed like slobs, do they really think that makes my heart throb?

It's time to leave for the night I've came and saw what I needed to see, no matter where I go I'm just me.

So I look at the cars as I leave town, most are weaving all around.

When I crawl in bed to reflect on whatever you call it, I'm glad to see all the cash is still in my wallet.

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