The start...Jan. 1989  

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The start...Jan. 1989

First I would like to explain that this is no pity party so if you want blubber move on. This is meant to be informative 1st, funny 2nd, and 3rd I need to vent! I've Been without adult conversation. to long!

O.k. where was I ..Oh yes Jan. 1989 the day I turned 18. It started off just like all the others I suppose, dodging my dumb ass step dad as I quietly left for school. He liked to start everyones day off horrible by insulting you and bringing you down. You know the type, nothin' ever good enough, you'll fail...Blah blah blah.

I must backtrack and give you some history here. My family was a busted one, d/ad(notice the / thats not a mistake), left when I was 2 1/2. My older brother is mentally handicapped, born early, has seizures and the works. My half brother is 6 years younger and a product of the dumb ass and My mom. Growing up with my brothers was fun, challenging and for another story later.

The Dumb ass was abusive...very, not to go into to much detail but he used to hit and throw just about everywhere and everything at everybody. To give you an idea of how much of a waste of a human he truly is he used to hit my older brother, in his words " because he was stupid"

After several years of this and the copps not doing anything(back then in the 70's they didn't even go to jail.) I decided to take matters into my own hands. Now I am not a violent person, I'm a lover, but mom nor anyone else was doing anything so I took charge at age 12 to do something about it. I wanted two things..first for the abuse to stop, second for him to realize what he had done and hopefully change his ways. Oh trust me I spent many a night thinking about revenge and a gun and all that. But after carefull thought I decided that I wanted to defend myself first, then beat him at his game with my bare hands for the personal satisfaction. So I joined a local Karate club. Choon Lee's to be exact. I would recommend him to anyone, he is not related to Bruce Lee, although they did sparr and train together when Bruce first came to the U.S. He is still teaching in the same place off Shawnee Mission Parkway as I type. Anyhow in secret I went to class tues. and thurs. every week, Christ! I was tiny, but had a Great WHY. Why was I doing it, to defend myself. After a couple of years I was getting pretty good, I know I could kick the shit out of wood anyway

My Master was always teaching and not just body movements but a way of thinking and life. So I listened and trained. He knew about my situation and why I was there. Over and over again he told me this:" Crist'(His broken English accent) I do not want to teach you to fight but how not to fight". He would say this over and over again and I was confused. "I am here to learn how to fight" I would say. he would then tell me the best way to win a fight is this: not to be there.

I remembered those words and pondered on them over and over again. As I learned fighting stances and techniques and how to center my Chi' I kept wondering," how I was going to confront Dumb ass and protect my brothers and mother". Fear is a great motivator, I feared he would over power me and or REALLY hurt me. I told Master this so guess what he did? Yep he paired me with the biggest meanest men we had EVERY week. "Thanx Choon'" I would think, just what I need, more ass whuppins'. So after a great deal of time, dedication and spending ALL my allowance for almost 3 years, it happened. No, not the fight, TESTING. In front of the entire group of Masters I would be judged for my Black Belt. Didn't make it my first try ( too small to break the 2" board with a front kick) or so I told myself. However the second time and 120$ of borrowed Money I split it and all the others as wellGot the Black Belt Yea!

After the Saturday testing and awards, my master called me into his office and started asking me about my home life and if Dumb ass was still doing his same thing. He had a lot better way of putting it trust me. I expressed my fear of confronting him again. Here is what he did. He asked me to step back into the testing room. In FRONT OF EVERYONE even the MASTERS.

He stopped the testing and called up 2 of the judges and muttered some Chinese to them and they nodded and came closer to me. "whats going on?" I thought, "this is strange". So the three of them (all 9th degree black belts or higher) lined up and faced me, master told me to move to the center of the room. I was PETRIFIED I had no Idea what was going to happen. Then he spoke out very loud. He told everyone in the room I was ready to beat ANY man in the room!, I looked at him confused and shaking my head, what? No?. He made just one slight hand motion thats it. It took me a couple of days to reflect on what happened next. I saw out of the corner of my eye, one Master coming toward me very fast ready to strike my head, I had not time to think, I reacted with a swift kick to the chest and blocked his punch, just as I did the other Master had grabbed me from the side around the throat. He lifted me off of the floor by my throat No Joke. Again I reacted, knife punch to the throat, kick to the groin and roundhouse to the face. They kept coming at me like they were going to kill me. This was no joke! They were playing for blood.

Time and again I defended myself, they kept getting up and or attacking me. After what seemed like three hours( probably 2 minutes in reality) and countless hits to my face and body. I had one Master flipped onto his back holding him by his throat, and dragging him backward away from the other attacker who was still coming at me. Just then from behind me was a third attacker...My Master, he had a knife!! he struck me in the head with heel kick and knocked me down. Again not having time to think, I reacted, I Swept myself up and fixated on the weapon hand, he came at me! I blocked his thrust and struck his wrist upon my knee and was able to disarm him. He knocked me in the face with a straight punch, knocked the livin' shit out of me. As I stepped backward trying to regain sight and my bearings In a whirlwind I heard him coming, He was in mid air with a side kick, no time to think, I reacted, Somehow I grabbed him out of the air and threw him by the leg into the wall, it broke the Sheetrock and I was Mad to say the least, I raised my fist and started to advance toward him. He stepped up and yelled HIEGGH( hard to type it)
That was the command for HALT! I stopped mid track , as he approached me I turned to find the other Masters and much to my surprise one was still on the ground and very slow to get up. "I HURT HIM!" thats what I thought to myself..."NO FUCKING WAY!" There was blood from all of us (except my Master) all over the place. I was shaking, my adrenaline was pumping so fast like never before.

He went over to the other Masters and checked them out and gathered them to the center, me as well. He then announced.."Heesa you stepadad" and pointed to the one Master. "heesa also you stepadad" and pointed to the other Master. I'ma you stepadad", and struck his chest. How many stepadad you have? "one!!" I yelled still beside myself with emotion. "good!",he said "you kicka three stepdadad ass today!". "So when go home one stepadad no problem right?".

I understood at that moment and nodded my head. I was given a standing ovation by the entire class and parents about 150 people total. I walked out of that room a proud MAN at 14 knowing that I had learned to defend myself correctly. I think I shook for three hours after that ordeal, still not even believing that ME, little 'ol me had done that.

Before I left Master came to me and said this: " today I teach you hardest lesson" I looked at him confused just like always " never to doubt you self". I asked him "what if they had hurt me bad, they were trying to kill me". This was his reply. "Crist' you are a tiger, I have taught you how to defend you self against anyone at anytime." " You knew moves but you mind block you very bad"." They can never hurt you spirit, and control over body is with mind ..always!".

That was the most awakening day of my life. I got home late and missed school the next day, I was hurting good, I lied and told the dumb ass that I was jumped behind QT by three guys. "Pussy!" he yelled, and walked off. I was thinking about just how I was going to get him and when trust me! I didn't have to wait long the very next day it happened.

My older brother was trying to understand his math on the kitchen table with dumb ass as his tutor. He became confused like always and then it happened. He raised his hand to hit him and I didn't think, I reacted. I snatched his hand out of the air and before he knew what hit him he was on the ground on his face with his arm in danger of being snapped. OOOHHH I pulled that arm up, I still don't know why it didn't rip from it's socket!! I had my foot on his neck and trust me he wasn't moving! I told him then and there if he ever so much as said one cuss word let alone TOUCH any of my family that I was going to rip off his limbs with my bare hands and beat him with them!

He was shocked to say the least and after several gasps for air He said "O.K., O.K." I then let him up and he was pissed! He stood toe to toe with me looking me right in the eyes. "I wasn't kidding" I said, " if you want to try me lets go!, you just say the word buddy, anytime anywhere I will fight you." That was all it took, heck to this day I have never even punched him! He never to this day has touched anyone in my family nor has he expressed a desire to fight me.

Now back to the Jan. day, I know I got off track, haven't ever told anyone that story except close personal friends and family. So when I came home after school that day I brought a friend and a truck. Yep, I moved out, got an apartment next to my girlfriends Grandma's house. 150$ a month, I had started my life on my own. Said my goodbye's and reminded the dumb ass that I would still RIP his arms off if needed, he told me that he believed me and would continue to stay cordial. Away from the hellish life with a negative waste of a person. I was on my own! Had a job at Burger King and a car what else did I need?
Stay tuned for Part 2

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