Married Woman  

bigsmooth8000 41M
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8/24/2006 1:25 pm

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10/22/2007 12:00 pm

Married Woman

Lately I've been hooking up with several married women and let me say this, they are wild. Freaks if you will. Some of them seem like they haven't had sex in a long time. I'm talking about screaming, cumming and creaming all over the place. Fuck me like this, fuck me like that. Man. They were good to go. I did this one woman for 3 hours straight. It was a regular rodeo for her. I laid there for a while and just let her get her rocks off. What's weird about this is that after I was with them (on seperate occasions of course), they all seem to say the same thing, "Thank you." After we would do it, they would thank me. I'm not talking about the kind of "thank you" you get from a friend or colleague for helping him/her with some work or the kind you get from the clerk at the store. This is more a "thank you" like I had just performed a public service or something. The kind you give the doctor after he tells you that everything is cool.
"Thank you" "Thank you" "Thank you" ...
Felt weird getting thanked for fucking them. Maybe cuz I've never been thanked before for that. Of course, the only thing I could say was , "you're welcome. I'll see you again soon."

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8/30/2006 11:02 pm

Don't over analyze it. Just be grateful that you are getting some.

doggielover4u2 45M

10/11/2006 5:54 pm

You know what, don't know why but I feel at this time there are more married woman looking for something outside of their home, well I don't mind but just why? and yes, when you are with one, they will always "Thank you" I got surprised but now, I don't care

tyrone_aries 41M/40F

10/15/2006 1:31 pm

i would like to fuck them too...can i join you guys...send me an email tyronegrcatyahoodotcom

aim2please4fun00 41M

1/23/2007 8:05 pm

bigsmooth...I am organizing a gangbang for a couple in Laredo for mid Feb. If you are interetsed let me know. Straight guys only.

jayte457 46M
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2/27/2007 9:21 am

hey bigsmooth8000...would you like to seduce my wife...She is a 50yo professional hispanic female, 5'2", 165lbs, brunette, green eyes, a little extra padding(if u don't mind), married to me. Her fantasy is to be fucked by a huge cock...she wants to come with your huge cock entirely inside her tight juicy pussy until it makes her cum over and over...then desires to come like she has never come before...doggy style, on a countertop, on a chair, her standing and you standing behind, both standing facing each other...she would love to come with your huge cock missionary style (with no pain)...that would be the ultimate...and then some...I'm straight and would like to watch only...THE CATCH IS...SEDUCE HER if you can bump into her without her knowing your intentions until u start to flirt with her somehow letting her know u do have a nice big package for her...if she falls for it...GREAT..if not...don't walk away...'cause she really wants your huge cock up in her wet pussy...check it, it's real wet......invite her for a cup of coffee or something...but do not let her go...I need not remind you that discretion is a drama...let's plan it...

rm_edtheman1975 40M

4/25/2007 4:08 pm

Hey aim2please4fun00 am game for that party. Tell me if you ever made it happen.

jayte457 46M
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8/2/2007 11:05 am

Here I am again hoping you will respond soon...My wife is 5'2" 165 lbs,brunette, green eyes, light skin, nice breasts, beautiful long legs, a little extra padding (loosing it as we speak)...remember? We went on vacation this June and I invited a guy I contacted through xmatch to meet us at our motel room...he knocked on the door and I let him wife's face just got frozen of telling me why did you let this man in...whispering to me...I am not fucking anyone...(for years during our love making back home in the heat of the moment we would talked about her fucking a BIG cock and me just watching)...but I ignored her we all tried to make small talk and my wife tried to hide her disagreement with me....but after an hour of small talk...I made my first move...I went to the restroom leaving them alone together and after closing the door I placed my ear against it trying to hear their conversation...heard my wife kind of giggle...I stepped out and he was holding her hand(I thought well she's not upset)but then he let go as soon as I came back...we continued small talk...a few minutes later I went back into the rest room again I listened...a few more giggles and heard a shuffling movement on the bed...I walked out a bit later and there the were laying side by side across the bed fully clothed with the guy's pants all the way opened and my wife holding a BIG cock in her hand and after kissing him...turning to me saying "'s when I ask my wife about it she tells me that the huge cock was BIG, Hard and Great all through the whole fuck..."he was a great fuck", she says and..."it was big and hard all the time it was in me and I could feel it all inside me" she went on to thank me for the great vacation and specially for letting her fuck that BIG COCK...I reminded her that she had told me that she didn't want to fuck anyone...she said "I know but when I saw him kind of fixing his erection through his pants while he was hoding my hand and talking I saw how huge it was...I felt an instant wetness in my pussy and it turned me on convincing me and said to I have to see it, touch it and fuck it..." Our loving making now is so heated up just talking about it...her telling me every detail that she can remember makes us both HOT...she says she was HOT all through out the whole ordeal...we have also talked in our HOT sessions and we both agree of her finding a friend with benefits here locally that she can fuck alone while I'm at work or even if I'm there.... I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you're as Big as your main picture shows I would like you to be my wife's fuck friend specially if you're in Laredo...You'll know that you'll have a pussy you don't have to chase around because she'll be there for the asking and you will be there when she feels in the mood(she would like to have a big cock almost every day if she could)... I invite you to seduce my wife...let's meet and make it happen...we'll plan the meet...hit off a conversation...and then you can make your wife will not know we have talked about you fucking her...she'll go for it more and get turned on more if she thinks it just happened naturally...I tell her that her pussy will belong to the big dick only...and she asks me..."and YOU?" I tell her that her little ass hole is for my little hard cock...shes asks me again Are you sure it will be okay with you that my pussy will only be for this new friend that I find and my ass only for you?...I then reassure her that knowing that her pussy has been fucked by a big cock will turn me on so much that I will have enough with her tight littly anal...Her response is..."well I guess it will hurt a lot at first but if I can have a huge cock only for my pussy...I think I'll be able to handle that" ...Please respond...hope I didn't lose you and bored you with our first time experience...ninefive sixthree threefour ninetwo zerofour...let's plan it...Please respond...a lot of discretion is a must...You'll be our friend so that no one will suspect anything...that way you can come to our house anytime as a friend me being there or not...okay?

rm_locos1955 61M
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10/11/2007 2:05 pm

Hey Big; I too have been looking in town for somebody that can direct me to some lonely housewives that are bored, with all the house work done & lots of time on their hands. I know some of them hang out at the Holiday in Cubbie Lounge on Friday's & saturdays trying to be picked up, but that's to crowded & not enough women for everybody. So I was thinking maybe get somebody to prepare a site where they can report too, maybe there already is something like that, but I would love to fuck some of them & yes I'm sure they will appreciate a good fuck & thank me for it. And put me down for the wife Exchange program !!!

rm_mystery_mn1 38M
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1/19/2009 7:39 pm

are they still up for a good fuck

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