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bigrob3172 44M
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10/3/2005 11:11 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

dick pics

This has been bugging me for some time, so I might as well ask it... Do all you girls on here prefer to see dick pics or face pics. I have one, a dick that is, and I do know how to use it. I see so many other guys on here try to identify themselves by the size, shape, or form of their penis. If the overwhelming majority says "show me the dick" i'd be happy to oblige. I guess I would rather show it off in action on the webcam...

has it been 3 months without sex already, I need some lovin quick

MissAnnThrope 56F
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10/4/2005 1:33 am

I really don't care, as long as a guy has a face pic to go with it. Anyone can have a great body, but a face like a foot. I'm indifferent to dick pics, unless of course, someone is deformed, or is showing lesions, etc. Then I consider them an early warning system. However, most women find them a turn off. Even the women who have up pussy and tit pics.

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