True Stories from the Old Days (resonably exaggerated)  

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7/19/2005 4:21 pm

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True Stories from the Old Days (resonably exaggerated)

It has been over a decade, but I was married to what I have seen referred to as a "Hot Wife". She was good looking, and love to be the center of attention of many men. In fact, she had a thing for women as well. This should have been great, only I was just a little nieve and immature to appreciate and/or take advantage of the situation. I have since divorced. But, I do have one good story from the old days.

She had her best friend out for a visit and she was staying at our house. Trixie (I'll call my ex) had been hinting at me fooling around with her friend, Candy (we'll call her) the whole time. Candy had even joked back when we talked about it, saying things like "You better strap a board to your A** so you don't fall in", Trixie knew she was pretty experienced and Candy didn't mind bragging. I had already taken her out to dance without Trixie who didn't want to go out that night. Candy was taking an afternoon nap, and Trixie told me straight out "go in there and grab her tit and give her a good kiss to wake her up". Well, it seemed kinda weird to hear that from my wife, but hey, I'm still a guy and Candy had some real nice "knobs" to grab hold of. So, I did as I was told. Candy responded with a startle, but returned my kiss and pressed my hand against her breast with her own hand. We did this for a little bit, but when I moved my hand toward her legs she said "We better get up". That was it for the afternoon. Things went pretty normal; dinner and a little TV. When bedtime came, I just went about my normal routine, bathroom to cleanup and change for bed; we had a master bathroom so I usually just came out in my underwear. But when I came out of the bathroom, Candy and Trixie were both in the bedroom. Trixie had on her usual nighty, a silky pale blue number that was most revealing, Candy had on a long t-shirt that bearly covered her panties. Well, althought shocked, I started getting stiff right away. That was something that was very obvious in my underwear, and both women responded. I was really defenseless and had no choice but to give in to my animal desires. My wife grabbed me by the head and gave me a hard deep kiss with lots of tongue, Candy took the direct approach. She grabbed my now throbbing cock and put it in her mouth. I realized right then that the jokes about her experience was no joke! She was able to work my manhood in such a way that I have never since experienced. She used her hand and mouth at the same time, working together to make long, smooth strokes. I knew if I didn't get that thing back from her quickly, I would explode and the whole evening would come to a quick end. So, I did what any scared yet excited out of his mind man would do; I went for a little French Lick between Candy's legs. This move made it possible for my dick to recover from that fabulous sensation I had just been given. I was doing a pretty good job (I would say), and I was sure it was my cunniligus that had Trixie wanting to show her husband off to her best friend. Candy was really wet and enjoying herself when I decided to look up from her split and see what was going on. It had not really occurred to me what affect this was having on my wife until I looked up and saw them French kissing and Candy was fingering my wife for all she was worth! I had never seen anything even close to that before and I thought beck then that only women in porn movies did that sort of thing, and only because they were being paid too. Well this was just too much for me. I could feel myself getting ready to go off. I knew it was just a matter of time, this whole situation was just too exciting and too new to me. I climbed up and penetrated Candy. Shamefully, it wasn't but a couple of strokes and I was done. The girls continued to play with each other for a while longer. I think I was actually jealous of Candy. In retrospect, it was one of the 4 best sexual experiences of my life. (the other 3 to be added at a later time)

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This memory is a good reason not to get old timers.

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