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12/24/2005 12:48 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


oh fans, such an troubled situation!......while outside of the known galaxy, consulting and otherwise hobnobbing with several other super-beings, our hero receives a message that someone has responded to his earlier posts....rushing back to his computer here on earth, he fails to negotiate the landing, tripping on his purple cape as he swoops in the window and falls, striking his head and rendering himself unconscious...lying prostrate on the floor, he dreams of glorious contact with the lady who has chosen to speak with him, unaware that in the real world, it must appear that he has ignored her response!!!! his euphoria is short lived as he slowly regains his senses and realizes that he has failed to speak in an appropriate amount of add to the dilemma, as he reads her response, he realizes that it is not just a mere mortal, but royalty that has spoken to him...he regards all women as sacred, but to be called into an audience with a QUEEN and not return the call!!!!!he is mortified beyond comprehension....

join with me now as we look in on our troubled protagonist as he tries to repair the damage....

fade in as we see him at the keyboard, sweat dripping from his troubled brow as he attempts to find the words to honor this special lady.....

"there can be no excuse for my failure to promptly respond to you....this worthless one can only beg your royal forgiveness and plead on bended knee a boon from your Highness....forgive me, my obvious male short comings and insensitivity and allow me the honor to speak with you"...."truly i am unworthy of your attention, but given the chance, i will shower you with private chat or email that will please you in any way you may wish"....i am your most humble servant and will do whatever you require to satisfy your needs".....i will dedicate myself to your pleasure and require only the chance to prove myself to you to be happy"....use me as you will, i am here to serve you"....only your wants and desires are important" command me, my queen, let me prove myself worthy of your attention...

well, well, has he chosen the correct words to show her his sincerity or will she think he is just a big bs'er and refuse to once again, grant him the time and effort of a response....oh, such a cliffhanger we have here....with just a simple nod from this lady, our hero will be elevated to a plane of ecstasy, previously unknown to the males of his species, or will his hopes be dashed on the rugged rocks below, crushed and thrown aside like an empty evian bottle?????

tune in soon, dear readers and see what happens next......his future is in her delicate hands....

queenbeev2 51F
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12/24/2005 10:30 pm

not so delicate hands aside are quite a pleasing character...I would love a chance to get to know you a little better...I think we could find many things we have in common...and I never litter...even with people who dont instantly respond...I may be a Queen...but Im not an evil one...I am one of the most caring and forgiving kind of loyal subjects will attest to continue this...if you like...for this is very entertaining and so much fun...lets me know a little about you before we ever meet...and so VERY good my have captivated me with your charm...and now the future is being held in your superhero hands...use your powers wisely sweet stuff...till next time...smooches to you...QB

bigladypleaser 63M

12/25/2005 11:16 am

oh huzzah, huzzah!!!!!! such a glorius christmas gift! i am your humble servant, m'lady.....your slightest need will be my personal quest....

if i may slip out of character for a moment, it really is a pleasure to get a chance to meet you. i am brand new here and don't know all the club rules and will not pay at this point, so i'm unsure how to communicate with you anywhere except here.....somewhere i read that i', not supposed to give an email of chat name, but if that is permitted, i will gladly supply you with both....up front, let me say that i joined, looking for someone to spend time with here, online and am not trolling for a date real time...i carry on a line of bs, but i'd rather tell the truth when it comes to real for now, feel comfortable in the knowledge that i am not going to hound you for a face to face to any more personal info, i will wait to see if this goes through unedited...

email AdultFriendFinder
i'll answer any and all questitions there, since i'd rather not totally bare my soul in public if i don't have to. i will say here, though that i do have a very vivid imagination and can promise you an interesting time in the cyber to anything else, time will tell...

(removing my helmut and bowing deeply) till i am once again blessed by your attention, i stand ready to serve you.

bigladypleaser 63M

12/25/2005 11:18 am

i sent you a reply (the blue doohickey under your "pic", but do not know if it went through or not since i put my email on it....please let me know if you got it.

bigladypleaser 63M

12/26/2005 5:31 am

to queenbev2, once again, being me and not him, maybe this will make in hukt on fonics wurkt fer me....the first part of my location is would then put in the at symbol....followed by in and box without a break between the two words and then add the dotcom....don't know if this bit of subtrefuge will get by to you or not, but if it does, you will have a way to contact me directly

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