poker: real job or paying hobby  

bigjonwantstoget 34M
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7/18/2005 1:49 pm

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poker: real job or paying hobby

in a previous post i wrote about a woman who i had a good night with. well i met with her today for lunch, and we got on the topic of what we do for a living. she is a nurses assistant, which is a very noble and satisifing job. i play poker for a living and she seemed to be very surprised and upset with this. i do have a degree and i could get a real job if i wanted to, but i think what i do is a real job isint it? i make over 100,000 playing cards which is more than i could make if i worked in a business somewhere. this got me to thinking. is poker a real job or a paying hobby?

rm_wildasian96 47M

7/18/2005 4:42 pm

Every gambler has his ups and downs and trust me I've known some that has lost his business, family and dignity. I've done fair amount of gambling myself and realize that the amount of time I've sat in that chair, I could have gone out to a golf course thousands of times over. My point is that if think you could keep on making this money for the next few years, be prepare to lose just half of that twice as long. Good luck with your addiction and with finding a woman that puts up with your bad habit.

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