Scramble Brain  

bigjohnson564 37M
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7/6/2006 11:28 pm
Scramble Brain

Good movie Quote. " Watching you guys play. Is like watching, a bunch of retards. Trying to hump a door knob."
Training a new guy at work. My brains are fried. It does make me think though. Mostly about the way i learn. I'm showing him a career. And he showing me a part of my self. That i seem to forget.
A thought, are older woman better in bed than younger woman? I'm not totaly sure now. The more i think about it the more confused i become. They both have things i love. And they are different but the same. One of the biggest turn ons for me is. Watching a woman in her older age act like she's a 18 year old. Like i just fired off the fountain of youth. And i probably look like goofy. When i cum. Open to any thoughts.

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