That First Contact  

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5/1/2006 8:38 am

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That First Contact

I have been out of practice chatting with people, well more than just the random chat of the day. But I met my first couple off this site, the first in about 5 years, over the weekend. The stomach turned, I wanted a drink, and I felt like I was 16 all over again (not the good stay up all night 16 either). The meet was on, I was early, I almost always am, and they arrived. She was what about what I expected, voluptuous and younger than age. He was slightly graying, professional looking, but kind. It was scheduled as a meet over breakfast at a local restaurant, helping to meet both schedules, well it met mine and I think they were accommodating me.

After quick introductions, had already chatted just a bit through e-mail, it was off to breakfast. We each paid our own, I believe a good thing especially on a first meet with a couple, no obligations, less stress.

And the real chat was on. They were gentle on this out-of-practice chatter. The truth and nothing but the truth, they like to have fun, guess what, so do I. They are an obviously loving couple, I love to participate in that little bit of naughtiness. They have meet some really creepy men on this site, me too, we all have, and I am not really interested in meeting creepy men, women, couples, or dogs. Oh, all the cyber stalkers that are there every time you log on, but more on that some other time, worthy of a long rant.

We all left together, no commitments were made, just a promise to keep in touch. I wanted to give them a chance to talk alone. I grabbed cab and went home for a nap, had worked all night, and when I awoke, I sat in this very chair and tried to write something witty, thoughtful, and sexually appealing. I really wanted to help make that women purr. Good gods of the cosmos, it worked, they want to meet again, something more serious and fun next time. Its going to be a couple weeks because we all have commitments. But, what a couple weeks it will be, the fantasies alive in our heads. what will it be like? satisfying non-stop action? that calm tender loving and caring touching that never stops whenever within each others reach? Or the bittersweet disappointment of being unfulfilled? No! No!!, I will not allow that to happen.

Until Later

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