The rollercoaster  

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9/12/2005 9:37 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The rollercoaster

I saw the rollercoaster from a distance, large, menacing, exciting and full of promise of a great time.

My stomach was in a knot...I questioned whether or not I should go on this ride.

I bought the ticket, stood in the line...should I turn back now before it's too late?

I got closer, taking the first in the Car, secured myself and prepared for the ride.

It was slow and easy at first, gently rocking me back in forth in my seat, speed slowly increasing, the first rise to the top...exciting, ecstatic, chills all over my body, the drop bringing me feelings of joy and pleasure.

The next turn was a little sharper, harder, jerking me around like a rag doll....I can do this...I closed my eyes and held on.... is that me screaming?

The next incline even higher then the first...fear starts to work it's way in...but I brush it away and it turns into pure joy, anticipation, excitement as I once again feel the pure joy of letting go.

The ride is nearing the end, I survived..full of satisfaction. I conquered my fears. I took the leap and took the ride of my life.

Walking away, the rollarcoaster didn't look so large and menacing.

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