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4/19/2006 7:59 pm

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Question and Answer Regulars

Ok, I don't mean any offense by this but it has come to my somewhat long-term observations of the magazine section of this site that there are some very lonely, bored and or without-a-life people in this world.
I draw this conclusion due to the following: For a short time during two intervals in the last six months I have frequented the magazine page myself and found that it is the same small group of ten or so people along with dozens of occasional questioners/commenters. In order to gain over 100 points in that part of the site, the point system requires multiple, and I mean A LOT of comments, votes, questions, responses, etc. and, in two weeks time, spending two or more hours a day, with no other real obligations to attend to, I racked up a whopping 150 points. I don't even think it was that much. The point is that some of these people have 400 plus points to their names.
I haven't been on for a month or two and I see the same familiar faces in that section. These are the same faces that are on, no exaggeration, one third of all of the questions asked each and every day. Now, most of these people seem very nice and I do not wish to make enemies or anything but it is difficult for me to imagine these people have anything more than pathetic lives, even considering how pathetic my life seems to be right now. If these people have jobs, they should be spending more time at work and if they have no jobs they should go out looking for one.
These are simply my observations and I hope no one takes offense at my comments.

The picture is titled "Random Change 08" by Modman38 on the website

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