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bigdaddy71365 51M
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4/4/2006 9:45 am
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here i sit dreaming of a women, holding, carressing, licking, sucking my manhood, me fingering, carressing,licking her sweet wet canal of juices, then as she takes my throbbing hard manhood deep into her wet mouth, my body starts to tremble as i am ready to fill her with my juices, but i cannot i must be strong, i push her away, lye her face down on the bed as i lick every inch of her wet hole's, she is trembling moaning fuck me, fuck my ass, i slide my manhood deep inside of her hot, wet, canal from behind, thrust after thrust, oh it feels so good i feel her juice is very hot, flowing down my rod as she is coming, fuck my ass she asks, so i slide my rock hard shaft into her so tight ass, i start thrusting and thrusting i can't take it anymore i am ready to bust, she then takes my hard rod into her hot,wet,sexy mouth, oh god, as i explode with great force into her sexy mouth, Nice dream!!!!

Big D......

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