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4/17/2006 2:10 pm

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Public Sex

We met at the local pub we couldn't keep our eyes off each other,she was caressing my thighs, i was getting a lump in my pants, here we are in public, she kept rubbing my thigh closer and closer to my manhood, there i was sitting in a full bar with a rock hard hard on, i was kissing her all over caressing her breast, people are watching but i didn't care, i was so aroused, she un zipped my pants my cock standing straight up, she started stroking me, i pulled off her thong, started rubbing her lips, she pushed me down to my knees oh i was so horny,i started licking her soft lips ever so softly, she began to mo-ne, i can tell she is very wet and hot, i started with one finger then two licking fingering, oh my god she yelled as her hot wet juices poured out, she then grabbed my hard cock and started sucking, caressing rubbing my balls i want explode she said NO i want you inside me, i started riding her from behind slowly, i am so horny ready to explode, she says i want to taste your man hood, she took my cock into her mouth deeply, oh god explosion, oh it felt so good, and the people in the bar, well they gave us a standing o vat ion!!! damm i really am horny as hell now!!!

BIG D.......

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