The Yankee Hunter from New Jersey,,,,,,,,,  

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8/24/2006 6:01 am
The Yankee Hunter from New Jersey,,,,,,,,,

Back a few years ago I used to guide hunting partys on exotic hunts.There was this one group from New Jersey that came to West Texas to hunt exotic sheep,most of these guys hadn't ever fired a rifle much less ever held one,so after a day of gun safty 101,we started the hunt.There was this one guy that was an Italian,and was always buggin the hell outta me about all kinds of shit.The time came to take him up on the mountain to hunt,and after 6 very hot,nerve racking hours he finally bagged a record book ram,which was his first,and only kill on a hunt.
After we came down the mountain,he kept on buggin me about which way he should have his ram mounted at the taxidermists.The taxidermist was present on the hunt with us,after several hours of constant buggin,I'd finally had enough,and told him he needed to have his ram,mounted in the Texas Stump Break Position.He finally left me alone,and after a while he got with the taxidermist,and all of a sudden,I heard this holw of laughter,and looked around,and the taxidermist was on the floor laughing so hard he could hardly breath.Tha Taxidermist,after his bout of laughter had finally subsided,explained to the Yankee hunter from New Jersey,that the Texas Stump Break Position,was where you back an animal up to a stump so you can fuck it.
Well Like the old saying,,The South has Risen again!!!The morrow of this story,,,,Don't bug the guide,cause he cam embarrase the shit outta you!!,,,,,,,,,,,Happy Hunting!,,,,,Bigdaddie.

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