Sittin around naked eatin dill pickles.  

bigdaddie2955 61M
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5/20/2006 6:40 pm
Sittin around naked eatin dill pickles.

Well,hell,I guess life has finally caught up to me.I'm just a sittin here tryin to type and eatin dill Pickles,hell,pickle juice runnin down in the keyboard,Wellguess it'll eat some of the dust out from under the keys.
Whats up with AdultFriendFinder? I have been on here for over a month,and not one wink,email,or case of the claps.Hell,I can't even get a good sniff of anything,pussy,fart,ect.Oh well,,like we say here in Texas,Shit Happens.
If you guys get a chance,check out Oldude1946's blog,he's funny.

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