Cousin Dan and the female math teacher.  

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8/25/2006 2:56 pm

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Cousin Dan and the female math teacher.

Back when I was in highschool,my cousin Dan and I was in the same math class.The math teacher we had didn't like me at all for some reason.For several months she would give me hell everyday,and for no reason at all.One day my cousin was supposed to meet me after school,but never showed up,the next morning I asked him where he had been,and he said in math tutoring.He told me that he was gonna have to stay after school for a month,so he could pick up his grades.He would stay for an hour everyday.
One day,we were talking and he let it slip that he was fucking the math teacher.She was a nice looking married woman,but she had found out her husband had been fucking her sister,and her mother at the same time.So thence,she decided to fuck Dan who was an homely looking teen.This went on for severla weeks and all the time she was givinb me hell.One day,Dan told me that I should walk in on their fuck session,and that she would probably quit fucking me around.
So on Tuesday,Dan told me where he would be fucking her at,and I slipped into a closet in the hall,untill everybody had left school.When the coast was clear,I slipped out of the closet,and went down to the auditorium,where there was a small room just off the stage.Sure enough,they was in there fucking so hard you could hear her moaning and groaning out on the stage.I opened the door and stepped into the room and she went to trying to cover up,and Dan was still fucking the shit outta her.I laughed at them bout and left.
The next day,she had me stay after school.She was embarrased,but asked me if I would not let it get out that they had been caught.I told her to get the fuck off my back or I'd tell her husband and the principle too.From that day on she was always nice to me.The night I graduated from school,I saw her standing by herself,so I told her that I had dreamed of fucking her,and that she had a nice body when she was naked.Her face turned red as a beet,and then I added that her secret would be safe with me till the end.

Have any of you ever fucked any of your teachers?Let me know if you did,and if it was good............Bigdaddie.

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