why men are on the "down low"  

bigdaddedave 51M
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7/15/2006 8:32 am
why men are on the "down low"

men are on the down low, i believe, is because so many women are cutting us out of the equation. more and more u see women oly wanting women. where does that leve the man? we aren't even invited to join in. this site has more women wanting women and men just can't compete. that is why i beleive men turn to the "down low". i am strictly about pussy, love sucking and fucking it 24/7/365. but u just don't gt the chance. either we are paying for some other man's past mistakes, or we aren't white, or black, or we just don't have a pussy and tits. i think that even with a confirmed id that u should get more notice than others, but that doesn't even help. i want sex, and plenty of it but geting a response from a female is harder than getting my taxes lowered by bush. i am open, honest and upfront yet when i do get a response either it s a one time thing or i am on a payment plan for the "last man's sins". come on my sistas, let's get back on the right track and get the male/female relationships back on track.

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