The Dressing Room  

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5/6/2005 2:07 pm

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The Dressing Room

It all started so innocently..I mean she didn't know I was there, but there she was walking out into the hallway of the dressing room modeling a new lace white bra. As she was walking out, she thought the sales clerk was standing there, and with her head down inspecting the bra she asked me how it looked. At first I thought I must be dreaming cause right there in front of me was a beautiful pair of at least 36D's wrapped in white lace,,,my favorite..All I could say was..there very nice..She was momentarily embarrassed but recovered quickly..and informed me that I was not the sales clerk, to which I replied "no..but id be happy to help you in anyway that I can". She looked down at the growing bulge in my jeans and said that it looked like I was the one that needed some help. Are you here to try something on she asked. I told her that I wanted to try on some new shorts and she waved me into her fitting room. Once in the room..she pushed me into the corner and turned around to face away from me, she bent forward at the waist which made her tiny skirt ride high on her buttocks and revealed a shapely tanned white cotton thong clad ass, which she promptly pressed against my throbbing cock..she was untieing my shoes and pulling them off one at a time and doing it so painfully slow..once her mission was accomplished she stood back up to face me. She was much shorter than I (I am 6'4") she barely came to chest...she was gazing into my eyes while she unfastened my belt and cock was straining for release..She knelt down in front of me and worked my jeans off my hips, leaving my underwear on. Her face was oh so close to my cock..I could feel her breath on my balls even through the fabric of my underwear. She stroked my legs with her hands as she slid my jeans down my legs and off each foot. Once the jeans were gone..she grabbed my cock and it looked huge in her tiny hand and in a slow agonizing motion she used my cock to lever the waistband of my shorts down.. fully exposing my 8 inches...I don't consider myself to be extremely large in the endowment dept. but I know ive never had a female be able to take the entire length of my cock down her throat..but that is exactly what this tiny lady did..I watched in utter amazement as she worked my joint slowly devouring it inch by inch..until at last her chin came to rest against my nuts....I couldn't imagine things getting any better but just as that wayward thought crossed my mind she applied the strongest suction with her entire cock felt warmth and wetness and suction all at the same time..I was in heaven and could feel my nut sac getting heavy with cum. She sense this too and started massaging my balls with a free hand and that same hand started rubbing me all over my ass cheeks. I could tell it wouldn't be long now..I was moaning as quietly as I could so as to not attract unwanted attention but it was getting loud. I was over the edge, the point of no return..ready to give my all to her and then she inserted a finger into my ass....the whole world stopped cum definitely stopped cumming..I had never had my ass explored before ..but here it was..a finger was definitely in my ass. It was painful on one hand cause I was in the process of cumming..and now nothing was going anywhere and I wanted to cum so badly..It also felt strangely good..Then..and I can still feel this....she wiggled her finger like she was telling me to come to her..she only did it once..and that's all it took...I came so forcefully hard...she had to grip my ass cheeks to hold on to knees went week...and I could feel myself sliding down the wall..she pushed harder against me and locked my knees and continued to suck me down the waves of orgasmic bliss...when everything settle down..she looked up at me...licked her lips..smiled and said she thought it was a perfect fit and decided to buy it..I was so spent I couldn't say a word..she pulled out a piece of paper from her purse and she wrote something..stuffed it in my shirt..gathered up her things and without another word....Left
When I finally got dressed and was walking out of the store I remembered the note she had stuffed in my pocket and pulled it out..the message was short sweet and to the point...Macys tomorrow 3 o clock last dressing room on the right.....My cock got hard again...

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Nice story...very hot!


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