Now I Know Why its called Stand Up Comedy  

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5/18/2005 1:29 pm

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Now I Know Why its called Stand Up Comedy

It was open mike nite at the local comedy club and I had finally decided that I was going to give it a try. Many people had often told me that I was very funny, and I love to sing karaoke in front of people, but for some reason, I was scared.
I was sitting at the bar going over my routine in my head trying not to think about what I was about to do and did not notice the tall blonde that sat down next to me. She introduced herself as Val, and without prompting started talking to me. We made the typical small talk for about 5 minutes and discovered that we had much in common. I bought the second round of drinks and told her what I was about to do and how nervous I was. She said she had just the thing to cure my problem and with that she leaned over, placed one hand gently on my crotch and as she whispered "you'll be fine" into my ear, she gave my crotch a gentle squeeze.
Just as she let go of my cock and balls my name was called on the loud speaker. It was my turn on stage and my cock picked that time to come to life. She was right, I never gave another thought to my routine.
Ten minutes goes by very slowly when you are trying to get off stage and corner the blonde that had your cock in her hand minutes earlier. The crowd loved my performance and actually tried to get me back up for a few more minutes but I had other ideas of getting me back up. The Gods were smiling down on me this night. She was still sitting where I had left her, swirling her drink with a straw, giving me what could only be described as a "get me the hell out of here and fuck my brains" look. I sat down next to her, ordered a beer (that I never saw), once again she placed a hand on my crotch and whispered in my ear, "now will you show me how fine you can be".
I couldn't speak, I took a fifty from my wallet, paid our tabs, grabbed her hand, and almost ran to my truck.
Currently, I'm living in an apartment complex, while my house is being built. When we got there I asked Val if she would like to go for a swim. I didn't think she would since she didn't have a swimsuit, but to my surprise, she shed her jeans and shoes and walked with me, hand in hand, to the pool in her underwear. My luck was at an all time high, the pool was empty. Val took one look at me and told me how over dressed I was, and proceeded to unbutton my slacks. She didn't waste time with formalities, she pulled my undies off with my pants. Then she guided me over to the hot tub and made me stand on the side of the spa while she ever so slowly lowered herself in. She was standing on the bottom of the spa which put her head about cock level to me. I didn't say a word, she knew just what to do and how to do it.
Val took her time swallowing my cock. I was a bit nervous about being seen standing at the spa with my pants around my ankles and a beautiful blonds face buried in my crotch. But Val didn't mind, in fact, I think it made her work a little harder for the prize. I tried my best to pull away, I didn't want to cum so quickly into this beautiful ladies mouth, I wanted to savor the moment. Val would have none of this. As I tried to back away, she placed a firm hand on my lower back, holding me in place, and continued to suck my cock and stroke my balls with her free hand. I couldn't take it any longer and screamed as I shot my load of cum into her hungry mouth. She remained in place for a full five more minutes, gently sucking every last one of my guys out.
Val led me into the spa with her where I went limp for a few minutes. The heat of the spa combined with the awesome orgasm was making me light headed and told Val I needed to get out. We walked over to the lounge chairs and I almost passed out onto one...When my eyes focused again, I was looking up, between Val's creamy thighs, past her breast into her eyes. Val was telling me she had heard if you suck on something juicy for a little while it would make me feel much better and with that she lowered her clean shaven pussy onto my lips. She turned around as she came toward me so that she was facing my flaccid member. At first she was quite content to sit on my face and let me do what I love to do which is eat some pussy. Judging by her moans and from the hardness ofher nipples that I could just barely reach, I was doing very well at my job. I could feel her thighs start to tremble at first, then she reached down and grabbed my head and pulled my face up into her wetness so hard, she was grinding herself on my tongue, and cumming, quite violently.
When she crashed, she lay down upon my stomach, and started to fondle my cock again, while she was waiting for her breathing to get back to normal. My cock responded to her touch by getting rock hard again. Val stood up, smiled at me, and while holding my cock in her hand, said "is this for me".
She placed one foot on each side of the lounge chair and lowered herself on my cock. She was so wet from my tongue job that my cock slid right in and she wiggled her hips until it was buried as far as it would go. Her pussy was so hot, I just knew we were going to melt the chair. She worked her hips in a circular motion, my cock was like a huge swizzle stick, hitting all sides of her. Finally, she laid down on my stomach, and whispered in my ear, "I want to feel you cum,....Inside of me". With that she started moving her hips up and down in rapid pace. The warm feeling of her pussy combined with the tight grip her pussy muscles had on my cock created a wonderful feeling that cannot be described, but any man that has ever been there, knows just what I'm talking about.
Time was standing still for me, I could feel my cum welling up inside my balls, and then move on down my cock until it got to the very end, Val never broke stride. I gasped for breath and told her that I was cumming, still she didn't stop. Her continued movements caused my cock and my entire body to spasm. Wave after Wave of orgasm racked my body causing full body muscle contraction. Finally, she relented, just when I could take no more, she stopped and collapsed on top of me. Whispering in my ear that she had came too.
We were relaxing on the chair next to the pool, talking to one another, when we heard someone clearing their throat. We looked up at another couple standing beside our chair. Our clothes were off, not a towel in site, so we just sat there with these shit eating grins on our faces. The lady spoke first, they had been watching us since we first got to the pool, saw the awesome blow job by Val, the great pussy eating skills displayed by yours truly and the awesome boning at the end. Seems we had turned them on so much that they were playing with themselves, now they were off to their apt. to finish what Val and I had started. AS they were walking away they said they'd love to be invited to the next public show. Val called out her number and told them to give her a call, She'd be happy to tell them when the next "Open Mike Nite" was going to be.


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excellent !

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