Hands On Tanning Salon  

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6/8/2005 2:06 pm

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Hands On Tanning Salon

It was just another trip to the tanning salon, at least that's how it started. Rachael was working the counter when I arrived. She was polite as always, Id only seen her 3-4 times, but seems she had noticed me. She assigned me to room 12 and off I went. Once in the room I noticed that Rachael had failed to provide me with the towel that usually on the bed when you get in. So I popped my head out the door and mentioned it to her as she walked by. She was busy cleaning another bed and told me to go ahead and get in and she would bring one to me once she saw the light from the bed kick on.
The thought of Rachael walking into the room while I was tanning in the nude got my poor sex crazed brain turning with all kinds of wonderful thoughts. Rachael is somewhere in her early 20's working her way through college. She stands about 5'7" and has a trim athletic frame which she attributes to running every morning. Like the rest of the girls that work at the salon she usually wears a pair of shorts and a nice t-shirt, and working in the salon, she had a great tan.
I got undressed in record time and clicked on the bed and got in. I had just relaxed and put the head phones on to listen to the music that they play, when I saw movement through the narrow slit in the bed. I figured she would just crack the door and toss the towel on the chair. I could see the door opened and I could see Rachael's leg right about where here shorts ended and that was about all. She stood there for a heartbeat and just when I thought she would leave, to my utter delight, she slipped into the room with me, and closed the door.
She raised the lid on the bed and stared down at me in all my glory with a beautiful smile on her face. I lifted my head phones off and she told me it looked like I had forgotten to put on the tanning cream. I replied that in fact I had forgotten. She told me that Tina had arrived for her shift and that she had a few minutes to "help" me if I would be interested. I wasted no time at all taking her up on her offer. With that she knelt down beside the bed, closed the lid a little so that I could see her face, and she told me to relax and enjoy.
Rachel started at my feet with the cream, rubbing it in between my toes really good. I never knew a foot rub could feel so heavenly. She slowly worked her way up my calves and thighs rubbing more cream on my skin so I wouldn't burn. All of the skin on skin contact had the effect of making me as hard as a rail road spike, but to my dismay, Rachael skipped my rail road spike and jumped up to my arms.
She finished off my chest and arms and I figured the fun was over, but Rachael wasn't finished just yet. She opened the lid to the tanning bed and stared admiringly at my rigid member. She told me that it looked like I had developed another problem and I agreed that I had. She told me that sometimes the application of the cream can have this particular affect. Once again, being the ever attentive salon clerk, she asked if I'd like her "help". I could only nod my head. Rachael lowered the lid once again to conceal her face, and with a well greased hand started rubbing my aching cock.
With her slick grip, it didn't take Rachael long to have my cock ready to explode. I just assumed she would continue the wonderful hand job to completion, but Rachael once again surprised me. She felt the tension building in my cock and just before I came, she raised the lid on the bed and lowered her mouth on my cock. Two more slow long strokes and she was drinking my seed down her velvety throat.
Just as Rachael was finishing off my cock bath, the bed clicked off. My tanning session and my wonderful hand/blow job was finished. Rachael looked at me and said that she felt pretty good about my cream application and didn't think I would burn at all. She said she thought it might hurt a little and the next time I came in for a tanning session, shed like to find out just how much it would hurt. With that she slipped out the door.
Rachael's next shift is this Wednesday. Anybody need a tan?

brassyblonde69 48F

6/10/2005 7:38 am

very impressed with your creativity............ looking forward to more

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