The 3sum(was on title now moved:))  

bigbreastbubu 32F
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7/9/2006 4:19 pm

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10/3/2007 8:02 am

The 3sum(was on title now moved:))

Hi yea Im in a bit of a rush at the moment due to the fact were(me and my flat mate) are having a 3sum (3f) at 8:30 im wet and ready..let you all no how it went 2morow

yesterday was so wild because its hot here in the uk i was in the garden and my flat mate has ALOT of making up to do so she joined me i keep mentioning cock to her but she just wasnt intrested while shess going down on me and taking my juices someone who can make me cum was online so i start mentioning how she wants to see a man cum and c if she gets as wet as me... anyway during this time my next door neighbor pops his head out the window(im pretty loud moaner) and standing there watching us flat mate gets a bit shy so she went in i was now im left to finish my self off and get my toy half way through flat mate decides to come out she joins me watching some one wank there self and starts playin with her self refusing to do me i start puttin full 7" in me boy it felt good specially in the heat knowing someone is watchin may be wanking over me, she then goes and gets her strap on 9" i put laptop down on thegrass while she sucks my breast watching this one guy(you no who you r) wank she gets wet and starts teasing my pussy with the head of the strap on im gaggin for it she now rams it in me makin me scream and does me hard but slow till she ask's me to go on all 4's i go on all 4's watching the guy she then fucks me hard and fast while squeezin my breast im about to cum she dont slow down my moans are getting more louder my body begins 2 shiver nipples so errect she does me harder as im starting to cum i scream out im cummin i then flop, i then have to do her shes pretty easy so i use my toy while got the strap on in my mouth all my pussy juice down it i put the 7" in her half way(this was her first time she had cock/dildo in her) she starts to moan i no shes enjoyin it i leave the toy on her and lean over to suck her nipples the 7" goes all the way in she's loving it asking me to do her more i do her hard and fast when she ask's me to stop i ignor she's about to cum i take the toy out start fucking her mouth with it while i taste the rest of her juices she cums all over my fingers and mouth.. sadly we then get a phone call askin to pick out friend up(who's bi) from work so we have to get dressed...
hope you all enjoyed more to come as much as i can cum

ukguy20092 35M
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7/15/2006 6:27 am

amazing wish i had been then to watch

rm_fishmoo 34M
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12/8/2006 12:29 pm

Jeez, now that sounds like a whole lotta fun!

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