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7/2/2006 3:21 pm

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I said i would post this 2morow but thought i'll do it 2night while i got some time, didnt enjoy it as much as i could have, didnt get me going at all heres what happened....

She(flat mates friend) arrived at 8:30pm with 2 bottles off wine(im not much off a wine drinker) we went in to the living room had all our toys and that out my flat mate started touching my pussy her friend then joined in i was bit shocked 2 of them on me but anyway started getting into it my flat mate came and kneeled over me with her pussy just on ma lips grinding my face her juices are always sweet i started putting my tongue in deep i can feel them tugging my ring and 1 biting my pussy while the other was sticker her fingers in, flat mate stopped so i can taste my own juice on her lips we kissed for a bit while my hands wer all over her curves it was my turn now, i start my putting my pussy over her very hard nipples and grinding while playing with her lips then kiss her all the way down goin very near her pussy but not actually kissing it then back up suck her nipples for a bit while looking at her shes moaning abit i start using my fingers while her mate gets her pussy seing to,her mate came i was shocked all over so quick yet me and flat mate still gagging for sumthin so her mate just watch's us she puts strap on 1st i hav 1 leg over her one resting on the mate she inserts me deep and slow uping up her speed with each moan i giv out by this time im thinkin to myself be better off just her and me since her mate aint shwin me what she's made off i dont want to use the strap on as i prefer 2 play with myself the same time as fuckin her so i get the vibrator put it on her nipples 1st then with out teasin jus ram it in 2 her she moves a lil with shock i think then she gets right into it i do her hard while rubbin her pussy she cums and she nakard im left wet, horny, and fustrated these 2 start finishing off the wine i went to my room and did it my self while watching porn, i came to the conclusion during this maybe i just need hard fat cock not 2 pussy's or maybe im just having bad 3sums with just women cause so far none have got me going, flat mates horny now on her bed calling me i aint giving in she couldnt satisfie me 2day why should i satisfie her twice, plus saving my pussy for 2morow(otha then the toy im using now) as im meeting some1 frm were i used to work i used 2 wonder what he was like to fuck sure i will find out give him alil clue that im not wearing any underwear

hope you all enjoyed this as much as i didnt
going to finish my self off shower then go bed


rm_late2005uk 41M
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7/4/2006 2:54 am

got a hard on now wow

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