It Shows That We Are New  

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5/26/2005 7:52 am

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It Shows That We Are New

Wife's View:

I can't believe some of the people we have received mail from thus far. We've had some doosies to say the least. People thinking they could just meet us and walk away without a care. And pray tell how are people in Vancouver whom claim they will come meet us to fuck are suppose to expect us to believe that? Sigh, it is a weird world. I even have people sending me pictures that I know are from web sites of models. Ladies, don't go claiming a picture is you when it is clearly Chloe Vevrier. Men, don't be stupid to give us pictures of someone like Peter North! We're old enough to know what is on the net and porn films. Stop sayiong "This is me" when it clearly isn't. Just be real, ok? Oh, and to the one couple whom sent their pic to can't be Kitten Natividad because she had breast cancer and is older than the picture you sent and John Holmes you are not because he's dead. At this moment, I am lucky to have met one guy and we both know this is a temp thing because my husband and I want a real couple whom we can trust fully for the long term. I'll also add a note to what happened when we said goodbye to the couple we had been with for the last 17 years later. Now my husband's turn.

Hubby's View:

Either people hate me or my humour. Twice now have I tried to liven things up, tried to ease myself from being so nervous and twice I was basically told where to go. First instance: had a chance to meet a good lady, great personality...then she invited her female roomate into our conversations, they both flashed me and kept talking about them both "doing" me. So of course I played along, but not knowing if they were really serious. Turned out one was so I continued to joke and play...then the other came on and suddenly....BOOM....entirely two different people. They gave me no time to explain and just disappeared. Today was different in the sense that I was just melting the ice between myself and a potential couple for my wife and I. I joked again about how one AdultFriendFinder member turned out to be someone we knew and joked about the situation and that made her uncomfortable and left without allowing me to explain. I think from now on, I'm letting my wife talk because at least she feels more at ease about this. Thankfully one couple understands and has been great to talk to.

Our Joint View:

Look everyone....we are new to this. We have only been with one couple and that was for 17 great years. We have never had to go out and look for new couples/people. This is so strange to us that we are bound to make mistakes. All we ask is that anyone whom contacts us or is in contact with us to understand how we feel. Yes, we have a strange humour, but that's how we deal with being nervous or upset. All we want is to meet like minded people on here, get to talking and see how we get along. Just because we misunderstand something or joked about another thing and it was insulting, don't run away and block us, just tell us about it. Explain that you didn't like something, why and ask us to either stop or change the subject. We are not hard to get along with. We are sensitive...we are respectful and above all, we too have feelings and to just run away without talking about a problem is something a child would do. If you can't sit down and communicate a problem and work it out, don't even both talking to us. We want adults, not immature people. We're sorry to say this, but this past week for us both has been stressful and left us with a bitter taste in our mouth about some people. No wonder we stuck out with our friends all this time and didn't invite others.

rh1972 44M  
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6/3/2005 10:02 am

Sorry to hear that, but negative things happen with people from this site all the time. One minute, you're the embodiment of their entire sexual fantasy life, the next, they don't even want to know your name.

I play regularly with a couple and a single female - we have some GREAT foursomes! - from Cornwall, if you two are interested.

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