Steely Dan vs. The Wilson Brothers  

bigandtallreturn 37M
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7/22/2006 4:30 am
Steely Dan vs. The Wilson Brothers

Apparently, Steely Dan (the band known for hits like "Hey Nineteen" and "Do It Again," among others) didn't care much for You, Me, and Dupree, because they voiced their displeasure to Owen's bro Luke Wilson in a letter. Check this out...

I take it Steely Dan are probably guys who get in line for independent, art-house fare rich with subtitles and long, thought-out conversations about life in general.

I would know- I'm one of those guys, too. Downtown West Theater in Knoxville was that art-house/independent/foreign-language movie theater, and I loved it. Some of my favorite movies (Amelie, The Tao of Steve, Barenaked in America) played there.

But I liked You, Me, and Dupree, so I can switch it up, too. Not every film has to be a work of great importance.

That wacky Steely Dan.

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