The Boss  

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9/1/2005 3:58 am

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The Boss

The Boss.
It has just been a miserable day at work, phones ringing, orders stacking up and the boss is hot under the collar about something.
He's kind of cute but seems pre-occupied with work , stays back late, gets in early, yuk what a dreary life.
I just wish he'd notice me, as more than just a work collegue.
Now this f..n copier has jammed again and I need it to work. I'm getting further behind and nothing seems to be going my way.
My senses are playing tricks , I'm sure. Somebodies watching, I can feel it.
WOW. I look around and it's him. Just standing there and looking at me. Is he about to hit the roof, ah shit, bet he's seen the copier.
mmm maybe not seems to distracted, maybe just maybe he's checking me out. nah can't be.
Oh no he's walking over. Maybe I should turn around and ask for help.
I'm feeling just a little flushed at the moment, even turned on, what if notices.
Turning around and he's right there. His silence is killing me.
'um it's stuck'. funny that I'm sure he knows.
'I..I ah just came in to take a look, noticed you weren't at your desk, do you need a hand?'
oh boy do I need a hand.
'yeah how do we fix it'
'open it up and pull the roll out, probably needs a good servicing......just like me '
was he tempting me....
'mmm the copier?'
'what copier?'
Then he touched my hand, just testing the water. Yep warm enough to jump in I think.
I squeezed it back just to let him know. And thats all he needed and we kissed.
God I hope no ones walks in, I don't need the interuption now.
A long passionate kiss. And again just to make sure. God I'm feeling the heat.
It was like jumping into a hot shower and just standing there, absorbing the heat of each droplet of water as it hit and then ran down my body.
I could feel his heat too. In his lips, in his hands and in his strong embrace. Kinetic energy thats not moving.
His hands have strength, possessed almost, I can feel them lifting me away to nowhere.
I run my hands down onto his tight pants and squeeze him as he attacks my neck with his burning lips.
I can feel him getting hard. Its just a moment away and I want him in.
gggrrrrrrrr got its hot in here. And I'm need him now.
His finger is just teasing me, tempting me through my panties. He can feel it, I know he can.
Just running that finger up the folds and ohhhh slipping it in.
This has taken me to a wave of extascy I almost forgotten I had. It's been too long.
I moved back and up on to the table. We didn't even stop for air.
I had to unbutton his shirt, I needed to see his chest and run my hands across his nipples.
Oh what a turn on, rubbing up and down and feeling every breathe he takes.
My turn now, he was teasing me again. Roughly grabbing at my breasts, molesting them through my top.
His lusty hands move away my top shirt buttons and bra to reveal both of my nipples.
Eagerly he takes them in his mouth and tantilises them with the suction of his lips.
I can feel his rough tongue running over the hardening points of my nipples and the sensual tingling sensations are just too much.
My hand runs down over his belt, I can feel him, rock hard and caged like a lion.
Time to let him loose.
Fumbling away and his belt pings open. I rub up and down and just for a moment he is distracted.
This has to happen. I can't bear not feeling him inside me. He's hard enough. I'm hot enough.
Tearing my panties to one side, he eases up against me, running himself back and forth up my clitoris and looking at my eyes to watch my reaction.
grrrrrrrrrrr and the anticipation of him penetrating me is too much and I grap his arse firmly and bring him deep inside me.
ohhh the feeling, and that makes me grab him harder, digging firmly into him with my nails. 'fuck me harder' I say nastily in his face, as he looks back at me.
He knows now, he knows what I'm really like.
Driving me harder sends me to the brink of orgasm and..........oh yes takes me over the edge and into that next dimension.
A wave of lust and satisafaction, it takes him there too and his explosion takes me there again.

Our breathe is slowly coming back now and slowly comes to a stop inside me, spent.
Oh boy..... that was better than work. I'll never be able to see him in the same light again.
Mmmm maybe next time he'll help me out in the storeroom, or the kitchen or the..............

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