Love between the sheets  

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9/2/2005 11:27 pm

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Love between the sheets

The sun had just begun to rise on lovely warm summers day. As my eyes flutter open, the window is blocked by her hair. Long and dark and straight, the rays of light glisten past off her, radiating her vision. All that I wanted lies before me. Our naked bodies have meshed together like spoons in a drawer with the movements of the night. And there she lay in front, I can smell her hair, feel her body and taste of soul. She moves briefly, an innocent sleepy movement, opens her eyes and adjusts to the bright morning sunshine. 'hey you' she says and grabs my hand in hers. 'mmm' I whisper snugly in her ear. It's this moment I love, the weekend morning, the silence of the country air and just us, here and now to enjoy it. She rolls over to face me, her breasts pressed against mine and her cheeky little grin is the first thing on her face that I see. I smile back and she asked what I'm thinking about. I tell her, it is her that I'm thinking about and run my hand through her hair.
She loves that. The tenderness of my touch, running my fingers over the curves of her face and back through her hair. It encapsulates our togetherness, it's almost like being one person. 'mmm' back she says and smiles again. Our first kiss of this morning lasts just briefly, but has love written all over it. Then next one takes longer and ends when she pulls away with my bottom lip firmly suctioned between hers. She smiles again, knowing just how to turn me on. She knew how to do that years ago and has also been diligent to continue. Marriage and kids had never stopped us from being passionate. She smiles again, this time it's because I've run my hands down the length of spine and I know she tingles right through. She shutters and confirms it. She giggles. We kiss again.
In one movement she rolls on top of me, lifts her head back and then forward over mine, draping her hair over the sides of my face and covering ourselves to the world around us. We are the only thing that exists at this moment, we care only for each other. This position has freed my hands and I put them to work of her back, massaging her shoulder blades while she kisses me. I love her kisses, the warmness of her breathe, even noise that our lips make and the touching of our noses.
She parts her legs across mine, sits briefly, takes a deep breathe to recover and smiles again.
It is the perfect time reach forward and massage her front, feeling the curves of her ribs and then cupping her breasts. I love to see her face and watch as I squeeze her nipples between my thumb and hand while still manipulating her breast. She pushes forward and puts her hands on my shoulders, dropping her head and looks into my eyes. She wants to see my reaction this time. And slowly she moves her hips back and till I'm at her mercy. How could I not like this, it turns us both on to see each other in pleasure.
Down the length she travels, till we meet at the hips. She smiles again and we move to each other and kiss. I swear she rode horses in a previous life as the movement of her hips grind and wreath away at me. Her whimpers grow to moans and I move up to nibble her breasts. She's loud enough to wake to the dead let alone the kids but that neither bothers her or me. I assist her grasping her cheeks with my hand and moving them in time with her. I can feel every movement inside her and she comes crashing down on me, breathless with her orgasm. I follow with mine and she moans with pleasure for a second time. We hold our embrace again while she shutters with the pleasure of the past moments. Her hair glistens with the sun and she smiles again.

I open my eyes and see the morning sun. I just wish she was here to enjoy it with me.

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