A dip in the spa  

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9/11/2005 6:19 pm

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A dip in the spa

I slowly opened my eyes to make sure it was her at the doorway.
Her figure was a silhouette to me, outlining the natural shape of her body.
I closed my eyes again so that she had not noticed me looking.
The sound of her silk nightie hitting the floor brought a smile to my face as it was only a matter of time now and the suspense was killing me.
She approached quietly so as not to arouse my suspicion.
She was close, you could feel her almost, a sixth sense working overtime.
Her toes were the first in, trying not to make any ripples, she slid one leg in, and then the other, till she was down on the first step.
The surface of the water was adorned with the rose petals that had been blooming in the garden, one by one they had been plucked from the flower, the room, a tranquillity of flickering candles, perfumed air and soft music.

Finally it's finished. It had taken three months and a lot of hard work to get it there but it was finished now and that's all that counted.
I have had a lovely stone cottage in the country for years and living has never been so relaxed or quiet as it is now.
The spa though, was all new.
A cobble stone granite floor is under foot and the feature is a granite rock wall with water cascading down and into a calming pool, then into the spa.
It is like a secret rock pool, created by water, deserted by time, hidden by landscape and then left to be found by us romantic explorers.

She ventured further in, trying to sustain the motionless surface and under the sound of the lightly splashing water.
Her surprise ended as we collided gracefully together in the water and our bodies were finally touching.
"all this for me" she enquired, her lips resting against my ears.
"mmmm of course" and we wrapped our arms around each other and soaked up the moment.
I was sitting with my back to the side of the spa, on a ledge, with my legs slightly apart, ours chests were touching, arms spread out over the sides and the water had swallowed all but our heads.
It was more than just relaxing, it was as romantic an end to an evening as it possibly could be.
We had talked through dinner, opened a bottle of wine and divulged our inner most secrets to each other.
It was only our second date but it seemed like we had known each other forever.
Her breasts were pushed flat against her chest from the pressure she applied to me, although I could still feel her hardened nipples.
I tried to keep my eyes closed, using her body as a blind person would use Braille, just feeling out and massaging the bones and muscles in her back.
Between the groaning of her voice and the motion of her body, I had become acutely aware of the effects that the massage was having on her.
It made me grow restless, I was determined to pleasure her further. Her arousal had impassioned us both.
I leaned across and snogged at her neck, making her throw her head back and splashing water through her hair.
I reached around and lifted her off me, using her the cheeks of bottom to carry her, placed her gently down in the seat and continued to pash her neck.
It was time to move the heat factor up a notch, so I started by massaging her breasts and teasing her nipples.
This was the best pleasure though, diving under the water and placing my mouth in between her thighs and squirting jets of water in and out of her with my mouth.
You can quite easily get carried away doing this but worse is when she wants to hold you down there. lol. Think she enjoys it.
Coming up for air, I grab a towel and pull it over to the side of the spa and lay it out. As she recovers, I lift her slowly out of the water, like putty in my hands, she forms the position I want.
She turns around places her legs in the water and shows me her peachy shaped bottom. What a gorgeous sight and too nice a sight to leave untouched.
I move in from behind and take hold of her, grabbing her thighs. With the water splashing our inner thighs and the force of our bodies coming together it didn't take long her to reach orgasm.
She shook violently, her knees crumbled with pleasure. With that she turned around and started on my aroused member, masturbating with one hand while sucking and licking me with her mouth. My turn now. I pulled away from her mouth at the last moment and released all I had over her covering one nipple and then the other. She enjoyed my moment as I had enjoyed hers.
I moved down and cuddled her rubbing our combined juices into our chests.
We relaxed in the spa for some time further, massaging each other. Never closer had I felt to someone in the so little we had had together.

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