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11/3/2005 11:01 am

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yeah so my family and some of my friends have no clue i'm bisexual.. but i'm not ashamed of that fact.. i just know that they wouldn't understand it. so yes in a way i feel i do have a secret life apart from my everyday one. I'm like everyone else i know.. married have children.. work.. laundry and dishes.. hell i even have a dog too. but on the inside my sexual side is always on. i could be at work and see a woman and think "she's hot.. i'd get with her" or maybe "yeah she's got nice boobs.. wonder what they look like naked". sounds horrible i know lol but i honestly don't think that's wrong. it's no different than a guy looking a woman up and down.. but i seriously wonder what people would think if they really did know. a few of my friends know but i really couldn't care less if they knew or not. but some others i know would probably stop talking to us if they knew we like having "3somes". not only that but another thing.. like i from time to time do webcam entertainment.. what would they think of that? but at the same time instead of feeling guilty i feel content and happy.. because i know that somewhere in our group of friends people do the exact same things.. or want to.. and i feel bad for those who want to but never do. i don't ever want to be one of those people!! so does anyone else out there feel like they have to hide who they are? not just for business or whatever but in your personal circle of friends and family? please tell me.. i want to know!!

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11/3/2005 11:22 pm

You sound to me like a perfectly normal, loving, caring, down-to-earth, wonderful person... who just happens to also be bisexual. To deny who you are would be to deny yourself of your own honesty. You can hide a lot from others, but you can't hide a single thing from yourself.

I had a professor once say that, "at the very least, everyone is bi-curious. Most are bisexual... they just don't allow it to surface. Because of upbringing, society, fear, or religious beliefs, they just can't face that part of their sexuality." Now granted, she was known for trying to impress the younger co-eds in the front row. But, after all these years, and a lot of thinking... she was probably right.

Yes, it is understood that not everyone in society would understand. In a perfect world they would. But it isn't perfect. What a lark it would be to find we had the same taste in women! I know several bifemales in my circle of friends. And they act and feel no differently than the way you feel. We don't make a big deal of it... because it isn't.

Bisexuality feels normal to you. And for you, it is. And what a wonderful person you are to share that with your husband. That takes trust and understanding from both of you. Honesty and being open for each other goes a long way in a marraige... no matter what lifestyle you live.

And if you get right down to it, what business is it of others what you do behind closed doors? We all have thoughts of "I wonder" or "what if." You are just lucky enough to be able to explore a lot of those that most just dream about.

You must be the judge of what your own family or circle of friends can or can't handle. And some probably can't handle it. But that doesn't make you a bad person. And never doubt for a second that you are.

Just my two cents... but I hope it helps.

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