The day i turned bi-sexual  

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12/6/2005 12:32 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The day i turned bi-sexual

ok so this blog stuff is all about me right? me, me, me!! so let's talk about ME then..

let's see here.. today i'm bored.. don't work until friday so got lots of time on my hands.. got lots of laundry to do need to clean the house but i don't feel like it right now..
I'd rather be looking for a hot chick to lick and do with as i please lol..
although i have yet to find that on here. which really disappoints me. all i want is a hot bi chic to lick and squeeze and explore with my tongue!! who wouldn't want that?

ahh that makes me reminisce back to the first bi experience i had...

there i was at 18, i worked at a convenience store at the time. i worked night shift. a guy came in as started talking to me... he said " i have a friend who's too shy to come and talk to you, but they think you're hot" so i'm thinking to myself " i wonder what this guy looks like." so i'm waiting for him to come in. the door opens and in walks a girl.. she comes to the counter and i ask how i can help and she says "well my friend was just in here and talked to you." i was dumbfounded!! i had NEVER expected it to be another female. i was so shocked i didn't know what to say. i just stood there for a minute. she just kinda looked at me and i said, " i'm sorry i just wasn't expecting you to be a girl.. your friend didn't tell me that part." she kinda smiled and said " that's ok, it happens when i do this.. it's no big deal"
so we started talking and made plans to meet up after i got off work.
she was waiting for me outside the store when my shift ended.. she lived just a block across the street from where i worked so we just walked there.. now see at the time, i did have a boyfriend.. in which our relationship was getting worse and more complicated by the day.. so i decided i just needed a break from him.. but i had no intentions of anything happening with this girl and i.
so we got to her house and chilled on the couch for awhile.. we watched tv and talked. although i was a little uncomfortable because i had never been in this situation before.. so the topic of conversation turned to sex.. i asked her " when did you know you liked women?" she told me she had known at a young age.. i asked if she was lesbian and she said for the most part, but she hadn't really been with guys before so she didn't know for sure.. she asked if i had been with a woman before.. i said no quickly. i thought i was the most straight person in the world, given i had some gay guy friends in highschool.. i didn't think being gay or bi was wrong, i just wasn't.. or so i thought. after awhile she sat right next to me and got quite close.. i felt very odd at that point. i was a bit confused because i was really nervous but at the same time kind of excited. she looked me straight in the eyes and said " i don't want you to feel uncomfortable around me, but i do find you attractive and i would like to get to know you more." by this point i was starting to really get nervous. i said " well, i've never done this kind of thing before, but i think i'd like to." she took my hand in hers and squeezed it as she leaned in to kiss me. as her lips met mine i closed my eyes and was very still. a wave of excitement came over me.. for some reason, it seemed like this was wrong.. not only because i had a boyfriend but i guess because i was raised catholic and this sort of this was a very bad thing.. but you know what they say about catholic girls!! as the kiss went on i got very aroused, nothing like i had felt with a guy before that's for sure! it got more intense and we were making out like crazy within a few minutes. lips and tongues touching and caressing one another. hands groping and feeling breasts, tummys, thighs and pussy. we were both definately worked up and before either of us knew it we were both stripped down and her head was between my legs! i will never forget how i felt when her tongue touched my pussy.. oh my god a shockwave ran through me! it was such a great feeling. she licked and sucked and carressed and fingered me for at least an hour! then i was really curious and decided i wanted to try it. so we switched positions and i slid down between her legs, licking her nipples on my way down.. i licked slowly from her wet hole all the way up to her clit and made circles there for awhile... her reaction really turned me on! it was so erotic and sexy, i loved it! i knew at that moment, i would probably like women from then on.. that was one of the best sexual experiences i've had.. it totally changed my outlook on things.. just goes to show that you can't knock it until you try it!

rm_younglezzies 44F/44F
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12/15/2005 12:55 am

Great story! I love hearing about a girls first time with another girl! Makes me think about my first time! God its a good feeling isnt it! Felt like i was in the clouds with excitement. I will have to share my first time sometime.

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