My Best Friend  

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2/7/2006 7:41 am

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My Best Friend

Well I have been thinking of this for quite a while now and I just thought i would write a lil sumthing about it n here and see what kind of comments i get!
So here it goes, me and my best friend steph have been friends for 14 yrs and our frindship has had its ups and downs but this is different..I mean she has a bf and so do I..but her relationship is so bad for her...I mean for the past 3 yrs steph and her bf have broken up 3-4 times, delt with the loss of a child and now she is being mab this is to muchinfo to share over the comp..(and god I hope she never reads this!)...but i need advice, just a couple weekends ago I spoke to her..(I havent talked to her in a while, bc of her bf)..she was all messed up and was at a freidns house...her bf had beat her up and i didnt know what to do..she didnt call me, or even seem to want my help...I then talked to my other friend a few days later and she told me that steph was back with her bf and it just hurts me so much...I kno she isnt happy, she is in a hell of a situation and i dont know what to say or do..I haventtalked to her since that day and she doenst try to contact me..I am worried about her and i know theres only so much a person can do...but I feel obligated..shes like a sister...

LustyTaurus 48M  
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2/7/2006 10:38 pm

I hate to tell ya this, I know you're torn up inside for your friend. There isn't much you can do except be there to help her pick up the pieces when she figures things out for herself. If it's really bad like you say, you can call the cops and they might remove him temporarily. And if she's not ready for that and finds out, you might not have a friend either. The thing is, if she doesn't make up her own mind to leave nothing will help. It's very hard. My sister was in a similar situation and it took 3 years for her to finally leave. I feel for you and your friend.


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