Feel Like Making Love... :)  

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6/6/2006 11:14 pm

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2/20/2007 8:04 am

Feel Like Making Love... :)

You are part of this desire of mine, so therefore, i'd like u to choose what u feel would be the ideal location and setting... whether it be at your home, in your bedroom, or at my home in my bedroom, at a hotel, at log cabin nestled away deep within the woods, or at a beach house on the oceanfront, etc... once u've chosen your ideal setting, let this sensual, passionate desire begin here: within the sweet darkness… the only light is that which emits from the candles lit throughout the room… sucha romantic setting it is… so I’m here… laying on this bed… imagining u... are spreading my thighs, tasting me, licking me, sucking my sweet pussy juices, loving my natural scent, craving it, wanting more and more... my hands grab onto your head, as u are intensely sucking my pussy, tongue lashing my clit while providing suction to it... mmmmmmmmmm, how good it feels... u r completely devouring me, as if u can't get enough of me... but b4 i get ready 2 cum from those gifted oral techniques u have proven to me u have, i lift your head up, and tell u how i want to feel u inside of me now... mmmmmmmmmm.... wishing u were deep inside me, going in and out... slowly, deeply... longgg strokes... feeling my wet tight pussy wrapped around your hard dick.. mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm... and u knoww... each time u try to pull your hardddd dick outta me, u can feel my pussy grip onto it, mmmmmmmmmm and then when u try to put it back in... i'm all tight again 4 u, baby.. and i'd want u to feel me... all of me... all naturally, if u'd like... my wetness, all around your hardnesss... mmmmmm skin on skin.... no barriers or boundaries… mmmmmmmmmm and, after u've gone in and out of me a few times... i can feel how much harder your dick has gotten with each entrance and exit from my pussy that loves to grip you.. mmmmmm and if we're in the missionary position... i'd then sit up, have u lean back... so i can suck your hard dick with my beautiful lips.. so i can taste u.. .your precum, mixed with my pussy juices that are all over your hard dick.. mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm i loveeeeeee how u taste... and, how we taste.... together... mmmmmmm i then stop sucking u, then i lean forward towards u, onto u... and kiss u slowly, softly but passionately. so u can taste the sweetness that we've created together... longggg, passionate, soft kisses... mmmmm i cant wait…… i then am on top of u and i slowly slide my pussy onto your hard dick... mmmmmmmmm you are ever soooooo hard ... mmmmm the thickness and length u have, as i can feel it deep within my warm, very wet, tight, gripping pussy.... mmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm then , with your hands on my ass, i ride u slowly, but passionately, u r getting deeper and deeper into me... u r breathing verrry heavy, as am I … mmmmmmmmmmmm i feel u pulling me more and more onto u, so u r sooooooooo deep within me... that my breath is taken away, as i moan and moan, from this pleasurable pain from your hard cock being sooooooooo deep inside me... then u pull me as close as possible to u… so that your dick is all the way in as far as it is allowed to go , your dick isnt all the way in though, cuz its soooo big, so long, and my pussy cant handle all of it...but its in verry good and verrry tightly... i then grind on u slowly, as u are still gripping me , pulling me against you... i can feel the throbbing of your dick inside of me... mmmmmmmmmmmm and, b4 i let u cum.. i get off of u.... slowly kiss your body from your forehead down to lips, neck, ears, chest, shoulders, arms, stomach... and then to that verrry hard dick of yours, that I’ve made ohhhh so wet with my sweet juices..... and i lick it and suck it, while looking up at u passionately… I can taste both of us on it... its all over my lips and the taste is pure heaven, a creation of taste that only u and i could make, as its unique to us... and so sweet and so yummy it is.. then... I lay on my back, u spread my legs and hold them up towards my shoulders and u proceed to make passionate love to me... definitely hitting my gspot in this position 4 sure, as u did in the others too... my knees are all the way back towards my shoulders, as u are on top of me... deeply, passionately making love to me, going in and out of this beautiful, very wet n’ tight pussy of mine...we both are moaning and moaning... mmmmmmmm .. both of us breathing very heavely as we kisse achother with true desire… true passion... its like you really know me, have gotten so close to me… we feel so bonded with eachother… mmmmmmmmmmmm as u r on top of me i love to kiss u, your neck, chest, everything... i love to have my hands and fingers run through your hair as we are making love... mmmmmmmm i love to softly caress the back of your neck while u r on top of me, and rub and grasp your back as u r in me, the pleasurable pain hurts sooooo good… I love how u feel inside me… u feel u thickinging up in me even more now…I feel the pulsation… the throbbing of your hard dick… I love how u slowly, but passionately make love to me… the slow, longgg strokes feel so good going in and out of me…. i kiss your ears, lick and kiss your neck... then move to your mouth and kiss u i feel u penetrating me harder... deeper... a little faster, but still not too fast... as its good 2 make it last.. .mmmmmmmm i feel u grinding yourself in me... i moan out loud from the pleasureable soreness I feel from your immenseness in me... trying to open me wider, as my pussy still tightly grips u... mmmmmmmmmm i feel u kissing my neck and ears... whispering sweet nothings to me… as my fingers roam through your soft hair... i hear u breathing so heavily and passionately in my ear.. I feel your breath on my neck…... u r sooooo close 2 me.... i can feel you in meeee... sooooooooo deep within..... feeling that u want to explode and release all of you inside of me... mmmmmmm I love feeling you… all of u…. in me…………………..
(you may continue this fantasy how ever u so desire… )

bigrob3172 44M

6/9/2006 7:29 am

Wow, I want you to come over here and try your fantasy out on me. That was hott!

bigazzluver123 38M

6/10/2006 5:32 am

Very hot Bi! When can we finish it up together?

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