The 3some (all female) !!!  

bichicknva05 40F
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6/15/2006 9:28 am

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9/22/2006 6:55 pm

The 3some (all female) !!!

Well let me start by saying it has been awhile since I wrote in my blog,not because I haven't had any action but just because...Anyway I just have to share this because I had so much fun and because I know alot of you like myself like to hear about a freaky good time...One of the females in the threesome wants to remain anonymous she's more laid back and doesn't like the attention she knows what happened and doesn't get into the whole testimonial thing or whatever so unless she comes out by commenting on my blog I won't name her...Now for the other person(ALLSCREWDUP) that was in our threesome,she just as myself likes to be known for her work I wrote a testimonial about her and I kept it real...She is one of few females on this site who has kept it real with me...She is not into the games some(most) of these females on here play...You know the one where they "want to be with a female" but they haven't the "I'm curious but haven't found the right person" or even the one "I want to do it but I want a friendship first" and oh let me not forget the last two the "I am not just looking for sex" (even though they have an azz,pusc and titty pic on their page)and the "I think you can teach me cause I have never done this before"...You know you all have encountered them cause we all have them on our friends list and most of them are on all of our friends list so that is putting them out there without me having to call names lol...So take a minute not now though cause I'm gonna get into my story about the 3some in a minute, but when you finish reading my blog in its entirety to go to your friends list and see which ones are in everybody friends list...Okay now to the good part the 3some...Well it started out we all made plans to meet at an undisclosed location Tuesday, we all had talked for days about the upcoming meeting and hoping nothing went wrong or that somebody had to cancel (cause even with the best of planning things do come up especially when you have kids, you're on the low,and have other partners and yada yada)...Well everything went as planned we met we talked and now to the good part...3 women together with one thing on their minds: (pure nasty freaky get down and dirty sex)...We started it off by popping in an all girl porn and getting some drinks we then of course got undressed and gotin the very nice very roomy king size bed...We talked and watched the porn for all of 2 minutes then we basically went at it...We licked and sucked and fucked then we switched and went back and forth and up and down round and round...It was truly wonderful to have had 2 great females there with me enjoying my body as well as me enjoying theirs...But I know you are saying "we want details" so I am not gonna do you like that I will give some details...When me and Allscrewdup were going at it one of the times we did I remember taking her nipple into my mouth and sucking it and hearing her whisper,"its ok if you want to bite it"...She must have known I was holding back cause not everybody is into everything...Then I took her legs and put them in the air and took that sweet juicy clit of hers into my mouth and did waht I had to do I had her moaning and pushing me back cause she couldn't take it anymore and the more she pushed the harder I held on I love the taste of her cumming over and over again in my mouth...I loved the fact she wasn't afraid to let me explore all of her...She loved having a cucumber inside her going in and out as I licked her clit and having me cup her ass as we kissed...And letting me and the other female take over her body at the same time...Then having the same thing done to me...There were dildos and vibrators and flavored oil and cough drops (some people don't know about that one)and even a very nice sized cucumber and 3 beautiful females that all had the same thing on their minds to enjoy let loose and live a little and enjoy eachothers company...Just doesn't get any better than that...Oh and for the record, this isn't gonna be my last blog cause there will be a Part 2 and 3 and 4 and so on lol...Hope you enjoyed my blog and if not oh well...And like I have said before there is definitely power in the pusc*...Bi the way we took pics so they should be availiable real soon!!!!

longhardy2 42M

6/15/2006 10:21 am

Hey interesting, i can satisfy all three of you in a single nite and will give a sore pussy to each one of you

bichicknva05 40F

6/15/2006 11:16 am

And then men wonder why there are so many bifemales circulating...Speaking only for myself LongHardy2 I don't want a sore pusc I just want one that was fully satisfied...Its not about if you can make it sore its about being able to please it...And i don't find anything pleasurable about being sore!!!

Sethandsunny 51M/51F
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7/2/2006 5:09 pm

Longhardy-if they wanted sore pussys they'd sit on a bike with no seat dude. When i am done with a pussy, it may be wet,it may tingle...but rarely is it sore unless she's into that.


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rm_luv2urbody 42M
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9/21/2006 12:32 am

sweetheart dont think all men are like that. there are some of us out hear that care about a womans needs before our own. realisticly its easy to please us but a woman takes time. some men just want to stick stick stick when its about everything surrounding that. myself i like to fully satisfy your mind then take it to your body 4play is the biggest part that most people over look. long romantic massage, soft kisses, touch...ect by the time there is any penetration she has already exploded. hopefully you understand me sometimes its hard to convey feelings over the net. take care sweetheart

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