Ultimate primal experience  

bicarnivore 66M
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10/19/2005 8:58 am

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Ultimate primal experience

First time experiences seem to provide the most primal erotic reactions -- For example -- I was 16 when I was seduced my next door neighbor, married woman who was 27, married with two kids. Tall, blonde and great body.
Her husband worked nights and one evening after she had put the kids to bed she called and ask me to come over and help her with something.
When I stepped into her kitchen i saw that she had robe on and ask her what she needed and she simply said "follow me".
She led me upstairs and into the bedroom, told me to close the door and when I turned around she had dropped her robe and was standing there naked. I was immediately embarrased and basically dumbfounded. She then stepped toward me ( I had on a Tshirt and shorts) and began pulling my shirt off and then pressed against me her tits pushing into my chest. I got rock hard instantly.
She told me to take off my clothes and to lie down on the bed beside her. My heart was beating so fast I thought it would explode. She pulled me on top of her and kissed me deeply with her tongue exploring the inside of my mouth. THen she said " I've been wanting to fuck you for a long time" and with that she put my hand on my cock (I almost come) and guided it into her very wet pussy. I couldn't help my self and came inside her in about 2 minutes.
Embarrased again, she assured me that it was OK and to just relax until we could do it again. Being 16 it didn't take that long as in the interim, she ask me to suck on her tits and then to kiss her belly and then guided me down until my face was in her pussy and she told me to lick and suck her pussy. My first time for oral sex. I did as instructed and she must have had a half dozen orgasms until I was hard again.
This time she rolled me over and mounted me from the top and rode me. We fucked every way psooible for the next 30-40 minutes or so until I had got on top of her and was fucking her as hard and fast as i could until I came again.
This was the beginning of my education on how to please a woman including my first ever blow job but then that's another story.

curiousnbuffalo 39F
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3/4/2006 12:06 pm

more stories! I've read some of your other ones in groups. More, more, more!

bicarnivore replies on 4/24/2006 11:59 am:
More stories? -- was a couple of years later and I was home from Navy and my mother had several female friends over for some drinks and gossip. The one woman, , Beverly, was in late 30's, brunette, great body with D tits, married and very attractive.
After several drinks the "girls decided to call it a night" and Bev was going to get a ride home with another one of the friends.
I told her i was going out and would drop her off if she needed a ride. Very innocent and just being a nice guy.
On the way home she was asking me about girl friends and where the parking places were at that time. I explained that a buddy of mine left his garage open for ememgency situations for car sex. I realized that she had a buzz going so I ask her if she wanted to see it. She said yes, so I got to garage, ulled in, closed the door and she was on me immediately.
She had on a dress that buttoned down the front and several of the top buttons were open exposing the top of her big tits. We began kissing and very quickly, I unbuttoned several more of the buttons and then reached around and unsnapped her bra. Then I started licking and sucking her rock hard nipples and massaging those D cup tits. I unbuttoned hte rest of her dress and found that all she had on was panties so I leaned her back (we were now in the back seat), and pulled her panties off while she was busy unbuckling me belt and unzipping my pants.
She was sopping wet when I pushed my fingers inside her and then went from sucking her tits to licking her wet pussy. She came in a matter of minutes and then pulled me up kissed me deeply and told my cock in her hand and started to stroke me. I pulled her on top of me so that she could straddle me and watched her as she mounted me and felt my now rock hard cock slide inside her. She began rolling her hips so that my 8" of young hard cock was deep inside her and we fucked while she came several times more.
Then she slid off of me and took my slippery cock in her mouth and sucked me like a $20 whore. It didn't take me lonng to let loose with a load of cum in her hot mouth.
Both spent, we composed ourselves, redressed, and I took her home. She made me swear that my mother or her husband could never find out and I promised with the stipulation that we would have a repeat performance. Never did, but during our conversation she did mention that another co worker, Betty, tall long legs, great body and about the same age, thought I was really handsome. Turned out that Betty was not only horny (and single), but a total sex freak but then that's another story.

shockedu 33M

4/11/2006 2:06 pm

your storymade me think about the chances I might have had with my next door neighbor as a kid...she had a pool and was always in her bikini...I was scared to death of her husband though and never put myself in that kind of a position.

they did split up though and I'm thinking of "offering" some help the next time I'm visiting home

AvastBulbsGlean 68M
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4/23/2006 8:36 am

Wow,you sure know how to get a guys attention. Only problem is that I have now developed a leak which I need to take care of NOW.

SexyBoyToy150 45M
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5/4/2007 2:02 am

wow....what more can i say

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