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biblkbamamale 43M
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8/20/2006 9:58 am

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Lake Suckmegood---

I had a wonderful time over at the local lake recently. I talked with this guy, I'll call him John , online from a few weeks and we decided to meet. Usually I meet guys in the evening and night times, but due to John's schedule he could only meet in the daytime. His place was off limits because of his family so we decided on a neutral spot. I met him at a nearby grocery store and we decided to drive out to the lake. On the way over we made small talk... he said his wife really wasn't into a lot of sex especially oral, and he was looking for a buddy just for oral and nothing else.

Once we got to the lake it wasn't exactly a busy day. There was a few cars there but not a whole lot of people. We found a nice quiet spot and parked. At this point he was real nervous and not sure where we should go. I suggested we just stay in the vehicle since there was not anyone around. He agreed and began to unbutton/ unzip his pants. He pulled them down and let the seat back. I reached over, and began to play with his cock. His cock was short, but very nice. I leaned over and started sucking on his cock then playing with his hairy balls. In no time at all he was rock hard. I could tell he was into it and close to an orgasm. He put his hand on the back of my head and started pumping his cock in and out my mouth. He whispered he was ready to cum and sure enough a thick stream of cum shot out of his cock. That was followed by two more shots of cum. He sat there for a few minutes afterwards rubbing his balls.

After more small talk, i took him back to his car. He thanked me for the good time and left. Aaaaah, yet another satisfied customer lol

aftermath29 62M

8/20/2006 10:42 am

sounds like fun I have never doen this but want to check it out blowing a man

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