A guy I met at the gym---  

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6/10/2006 12:00 am

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A guy I met at the gym---

Well, I met a guy I had been talking with from sometime on here. He had responded to my ad a few times and all we had done up until now is talk. As it turns out we go to the same gym here in Andalusia (the name of the gym is A.S.U. backwards). He sent me a picture of his dick (that's the picture i posted) and I thought..... hmmmmmmmmm very nice. After exchanging facial pics we decided to meet at the gym and go from there. Usually i'm at the gym afternoons, evenings and rare occassions late at night. We agree to meet around 8pm and go from there.

Shortly after 8pm he shows up. He's a young guy, i guess mid to late twenties, slim muscular build with sandy blond hair. Pretty much he was the typical type; just wanted someone to suck him off and perhaps a little more. He lives relatively close by so we went back to his place. Once there we didn't waste time. He pulled his shorts down around his ankles, sat down on the couch and started playing with his balls, his cock was already getting hard. Such a sight, how could i resist that, so i kneeled down in front of him and began sucking on his semi-erect cock. Within a few minutes he was totally naked (except for his socks) with his rock hard cock pumping in and out of my mouth. I've had my mouth fucked before, but not as hard as this. He had both hands on the back of my head, his legs spread wide thrusting in and out of my mouth like it was a tight pussy. I would periodically take his cock out my mouth long enough to suck on his balls. After a while of this his cock began to ooze precum, I knew he was close. I began to play with his balls with one hand, and jack him off with the other..... all the while my lips were wrapped around the head of his cock. He began to moan he was cummming... and sure enough he let loose about 3 or 4 streams of cum... all over my face and lips. He really got into the orgasm...his body jerked real hard with every stream of cum.

After it was over, we cleaned up and he told me he was nervous at first, because it was his first blowjob from a guy (I was thinking sure, that's what they all say lol) . I told him If he saw me around the gym and wanted to do that again, just let me know. I have to say most of the guys I hook up with are my age or older (usually guys in there 30s, 40s or 50s), this young dude was hot. Hopefully I can add him as one of my "buddies" if you know what I mean LOL.

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