talk about demands...  

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6/22/2006 4:22 pm
talk about demands...

Iran's got em. Immigrants got 'em. Hell even Dairy Queen's got 'em. You know what I mean... I'm talking about demands. DeMANds. DeMANding responses, deMANding profiles, deMANding phone calls. DeMANds.

Just to be clear, I'm not anti-man. I like a lot of men. I have loved a precious few, and respected even fewer of them. Generally I like men. Sometimes they are really interesting, sometimes confusing, sometimes down-right infuriating, but usually they are, at the very least, entertaining. (I'm sure you boys would say the same for chicks. So there.)

Lately I had been getting these emails from someone demanding to know why I didn't want to talk to them. At least I think that's what they were saying. The notes were very poorly written, no punctuation, bad spelling. In the days of spell-check that's just damned annoying. But in this case I was getting annoyed because the overtones of the note was that I must be lying because I didn't want conversation with this particular individual. Yeah Yeah... I know I know... there are some international members on this site and yeah, so maybe his command of the English language is less than sufficient for communication via email. If that's the case then why oh why is his profile relatively legible? So no I think he's just drunk when he writes me. Or maybe he just doesn't care enough about anyone else so he doesn't bother to re-read his correspondence.

Well well well. Sweetie if you read my blog then here's a response: I don't want to talk to you because you can't be bothered with making yourself intelligible, clear, lucid or understandable. If you don't think I'm worth 30 seconds of spell-check then NOPE I'm not interested in your words.

There's another trend I've noted on some profiles out there... Not that I'm responding but it's really sort of weird, so of course... I have to share: there's some sort of male 'expectation' out there. I read one profile that actually expressed he "expected" a woman to provide him with what he was looking for. Hm. Maybe it's just me but I will not be "providing" anyone with anything simply because they "expect" it. That's sort of like saying I must want to jump on him and ride him like a bucking bronco simply because he has a penis.

Oh honey... If that's what you're looking for is someone to provide you with your expected whatever... hire a hooker!!! I don't know too many women who are into "providing" anyone with anything they need unless it's for work or they are caregivers to small children.

Anyone expecting something from someone better be paying for it. Aside from "expecting" someone to be honest about themselves or "expecting" someone to be respectful... but expectations themselves, they're pretty dangerous.

Really, no one asked me for my advice nor my opinion but this is my blog and if you're still reading then maybe you're interested in what I have to say so here it goes: If you live your life by your expectations, expect to be disappointed.

Just my tidbit of wisdom for the day. Cos I know you want it

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