Summer Night  

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9/8/2006 8:39 pm
Summer Night

Gang Bang Slut Lisa from Chicago and her husband made a special trip down to Atlanta last night so that she could enjoy an evening with the "THE DIRTY SOUTH GANGBANG BOYZ". For those of you who missed it you should have been there ‒ it was a cumslut affair to remember.

Her husband greeted all eleven of us at the door when we arrived and had his hot, sexy, cumslut wife Lisa waiting in the bedroom behind closed doors. After a few minutes of conversation he brought her out. She was wearing a black push up bra for her 34c’s, a sheer see through gown with no panties underneath, and a pair of brand new, high heel, “fuck me pumps", and her new collar with the words "I Love Cum" encrusted in gleaming rhinestones. Her husband enjoys displaying her, and as she sipped her champagne, he instructed her to sit in a chair in front of the group, spread her legs, and play with her pussy until it was wet. That didn’t take long and immediately Leon unzipped his pants, took off his shirt and inserted his big black cock into her awaiting mouth. As Lisa sat in the chair with her legs spread apart, Shawn began slowly massaging her clit and fingering her gorgeously trimmed pussy. After several minutes of this continuous activity, her husband told her to lean over the living room table and spread her ass cheeks. Leon who is always ready put on his condom and began fucking her doggy style and Shawn who now moved in front of her, unzipped his pants, pulled back Lisa's long, red hair and put his big, black, 9 inch cock in her mouth. With Leon's 8 inches thrusting in and out of her pussy as she remained in the doggy-style position and Shawn's 9 inches in her mouth, it was just a matter of minutes she was crying out, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming”. After getting her first multiple orgasm, she sat on the living room table and was made to take turns sucking Shawn, Ty, Leon and Tony's big black cocks. She was loving every minute of it too, as she let off a succession of moans and groans and told the fellas "Yeah Give Me All Of That Big Black Cock". After sucking their big black cocks for close to thirty minutes, they put Lisa on her back and told her to keep her legs wide open. And as Leon and Tony held her legs apart, Shawn put his 9 inches inside of her lovely, pink pussy. And for those of you who were there, you know exactly how fuckin' pink Lisa's pussy is. As she lay on her back with Shawn thrusting in and out of her pussy, Leon and Tony stood on each side of her and took turns putting their big black cocks in her mouth. There were a few times when Lisa began to breath and moan heavily, but the fellas silenced those moans quickly by making her keep black cock in her mouth constantly. Shawn made her cum extremely hard and shortly afterwards Leon came in her mouth with Tony following suit immediately after.

After a short break and another sip of champagne, she was moved into the bedroom and placed on the king size bed. She soon had not one but two big black cocks filling her mouth. As Lisa lay on her back, some of the other fellas held her legs up and apart. As she took turns sucking Shawn and Tony's big black cocks, she was cumming and you could see her orgasmic juices ooooozing sloooowly out of her pussy and down over her opened asshole. Then as soon as Tony put his huge black cock inside of her waiting pussy, she was crying out, “Oh Baby, I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming All Over His Huge Cock!” Shawn tried fiercely to hold back, but Lisa deepthroated his massive 9 inch cock until he came in her mouth. The pace began to pick up now and Quinton put on a condom and fucked her and fucked her and fucked her until she came again. Tony saw that her oral cavity was wide open as she was gasping to get her breath, so he took advantage of the open invitation by putting his big black cock in her mouth and dumped a hot load of black seed into it. Then it was Steven who hasn't partied with us in a while, but always feels at home when he parties with us - putting his big black cock in Lisa's mouth. He was fingering her pussy as she sucked his big black cock and she began to cum once again from the dual stimulation she was receiving. She was begging for Steven to give her some cum, and sure enough he gave her another load in her mouth. She tried to close her legs a little, but Dwight wasn't allowing that, and began fingering her pussy where Steven left off just moments earlier. After about four minutes, Lisa was having yet another orgasm. Trembling from the multiple orgasms, she tried once again to close her legs, but Tony wasn't having that either. He motioned Dwight to go put his cock in Lisa's mouth and he put on another condom and went to work on her pussy. He was fucking her hard, rapidly and deep. Tony who must have hit the gym prior to the party, kept up his ferocious pace for about twelve minutes if not longer before he made Lisa cum again. It was just a matter of time before he snatched his condom off and made a mad dash to Lisa's mouth and unloaded all over her lovely 34c breasts and erect, pink nipples. Then Quinton fucked Lisa again as Dan held her legs open so Quinton could fuck her slutty pussy nice and deep. Dwight was keeping her mouth very, very busy as he kept his big black cock buried in her mouth to silince the moans. After she gave in to Quinton's wrath with an explosive orgasm, Leon put his black anaconda in her and fucked her like crazy. Lisa was thrusting her hips, arching her back and pushing down as hard as she could on Leon's anaconda. She did a good job keeping up with Leon's pace for several minutes, but was no match for him as she screamed out "I'm Cumming On His Cock Baby" as her husband John looked on.

After another short break, the action resumed with Steven fucking her until she came another time. He had her on her back with her legs wide. She was hornier than ever now and was begging for some of his cum, so her husband took off her bra and asked her was she ready to be covered with cum? Of course she obliged, and Steven smothered her with cum. As he came on her breasts for the second time of the evening, she lay on her back and began to massage his cum into her breasts. She even took a moment to lick the palms of her hands when she was finished. Minutes later Terron began fucking Lisa as she begged for more hot cum from Carlos and Steve again. As she jerked and sucked on Carlos and Steven's big black cocks, she began to scream "I'm Cumming" very loudly. This time she came multiple times for about two minutes straight from Terron's deep penetration. He's fucked Lisa enough to know exactly where her spot is because he does it everytime she flies in from Chicago to be used by us. Lisa totally collapsed on the bed from his pounding and needed a few minutes to gather herself. It didn't take long to gather herself either because several moments later, Shawn was putting on a condom and was going back inside of her pussy. Shawn went hard for about twenty-five minutes if not longer before she screamed "Oh Shit I'm Cumming Again" and reached around his body to grab his ass and as she dug her fingers into him, began pulling him harder and harder against her body which did nothing else but send his 9 inch cock burrowing deeper and deeper with each thrust. Lisa held her legs open and screamed "Oh It's So Huge" as she lifted her head up from the mattress to catch a glimpse of what was going in and out of her. No sooner as she lifted her head up, it was flopping back onto the mattress as she came all over Shawn's 9 inch cock. This was the grand finale as she once again lay collapsed on the bead from his deep pounding. She told her husband that she was done and totally worn out. This is what we specialize in when hot, slutwives like this Lisa and others party with us in Atlanta. She thanked all of the fellas for a great evening and told them that she'd be back for more when time permits. There is no doubt that Lisa will return on her flight back to Chicago sore and stretched. Let's hope that she behaves herself on the flight home.

It was an incredible evening for this hot, redheaded slutwife that came all the way from Chicago to enjoy "THE DIRTY SOUTH GANGBANG BOYZ", and we’re looking forward to her next visit so we can use her black cock craving holes again. Thanks to: Tony, Dwight, Shawn, Carlos, Terron, Mitch, Dan, Quinton, Steven, Ty and Sporty for stretching Lisa's holes. All I can say to those of you who didn’t make it is ‒ you missed one very hot lady once again.

A special thank you to Lisa’s husband John for bringing her to Atlanta for the fourth time. Any couples, husbands and wives, single or even divorced women who are looking for a quality gangbang, feel free to email us at : AdultFriendFinder and be sure to include your name, contact number and your high resolution pics and we'll be in touch with you. Sluts like Lisa don't come all the way to Atlanta four times for nothing. She got tired of being horny, hot and bothered back in The Windy City and told her husband it was time to fly down to Atlanta once again. We wish you guys a safe flight back home and look forward to using your slutty holes again Lisa.

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