Laid back black  

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6/5/2006 5:07 pm

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Laid back black

I was scanning through the people on IMC (when it works) and saw a nice looking black cock in the profile pic. I began watching this guy stroke on his webcam and let him know how much I liked to give head to hung black guys.

After a little chatting back and forth we decided that I would meet him close by and we would go somewhere for me to go down on him in his car. He was amused that I liked sucking dick.

We parked and he slid his black cock out of his shorts and I started sucking him. He quickly got really hard and wow, he had a big thick black cock with a great head. He was easily 8".

"Mmmmmm - that feels good," he moaned. "That big black dick taste good in your mouth?" he asked. "MMM Hmmmm," I replied, taking more of his thick swollen shaft into my mouth. I worked up and down his big meaty dick and ran my tongue around his soft fleshy head. "You're good at this," he said.

I stroked and licked and sucked his big black dick while he sat back in the driver's seat. As I eagerly and enthusiastically serviced him, he put his hand on the back of my head, and I could feel his legs tensing up as he pushed into the back of the seat and thrust his cock upwards to meet my hot sucking mouth. Soon he was gently holding the back of my head and thrusting his thick, turgid black dick in and out of my mouth as I applied wet noisy suction to his head and shaft.

The size of his throbbing hardon made contact with the back of throat inevitable and I did my best to suck every inch of his fantastic black cock without gagging and pulling away.

Over & over - up and down my head went as I slurped and licked and sucked his enormous black dick as I felt his urgent need to fill my little white mouth with the enormity of his seed grow. His hand held my hair firmly and his legs were taut with anticipation. "Oh yeah - suck that dick," he encouraged as I serviced the urgent needs of his rock-hard manhood. "That's it - oh YEAH that's good - uh huh, you're gonna get it soon," he groaned in satisfaction.

My face was wet with sweat and I felt his hot breath on the back of my neck as his breathing became deeper and faster. I spared no effort in applying my skill to his need as I sucked hard and fast to match the pace of his thrusting hips. "Oh yeah - oh yeah - oh yeah - here it comes - oh YEEEEAAAAAAHHHhhhhhhhh," he growled as I felt his hot sperm erupt in a thick jet into my hungry mouth. I grabbed his balls and sucked and sucked and sucked as I felt his viscous jizz slide back and forth across my tongue.

I raised my head a bit and swallowed his thick black sperm and then returned to being his private little suck slut. I milked his thick black cock for another minute and then got up and sat back.

"Wow, that was good. I really needed that. You really know how to suck dick." he said as he started the car. The taste of his cum was still in my mouth on the drive back, and I savored it as I waved goodbye as he left.

I can't wait until the next time.

valleymanlooking 71M

9/6/2007 2:16 pm

that sounds like an actual blow job for sure. i have been on the recieveing end enough to know how it feels. nice job boy!!

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