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Exchange Student Lust

A year previously, we had hosted a foreign exchange student from Germany who had lived with us for 1 month in the fall. Maheike was her name, a tall beautiful young woman of 18, traveling abroad to the US after her senior year of High School prior to entering into University. I had fantasized about her from the day she arrived, had hoped to have the opportunity to peek in on her during the month she was here, but the opportunity never arose (sadly).

The next summer in August, we had the opportunity to see about hosting a German exchange student for a full year. I found the prospects of this to be very exciting. Of course the primary cause of my excitement was the potential to see this new visitor 'eau natural' on occasion and perhaps see where things might go with her beyond just sightings.

Alena was the young girls name, not as pretty as Maheike had been, tall somewhat lanky, wearing glasses with long sandy brown hair. But her body was somewhat attractive in a slender elfish sort of way, and it didn't take long for me to begin developing ideas of how I could casually get close to her and hopefully enjoy not only a good touchy feely type of relationship, but perhaps more? However and unfortunately for some reason, Alena did not seem to get along with my wife at all. Within the 1st week of her arriving, my wife was telling me that she did not enjoy having Alena around at all. While she couldn't peg why, as each day went by it became more and more evident that things were not going to work out as planned.

The relationship between my wife and Alena reached a point after 2 weeks of Alena and I discussing things and determining that it would probably be best for us to find a different family for her to move to for the remainder of her stay in the US. Very sad day for me to make that phone call, but one I knew was best for all.

As the following days passed, my wife began shutting herself in her room each evening not coming out for anyone or anything. My daughter had begun to exhibit similar behavior, so most evenings it was just Alena and myself, sitting together on the couch in the basement watching odd shows and movies as she picked them out. We had grown somewhat close during this time, I suppose I feeling sorry for her and her current unpleasant situation, and her toward me as I was literally the only family member that paid attention to her and attempted to help her get through the day.

One evening we were watching a movie particularly late, it was called “40 days” where a young man had bet his friends (and girlfriend) that he could go without sex for a period fo time. It was a funny and very very sexy show with little left to the imagination as the plot progressed. I lay on the couch with my feet on the coffee table, Alena by my right side in similar position. Bot of us were in our pajama's of which neither (as I found out) wore undergarments beneath them.

As the film progressed, I became engrossed in the sexuality of the movie and as a consequence my penis became hard and part way into the film, was standing almost at full staff beneath my pajama pants. My hard on was quite obvious even in the darkness of the room with only the television set providing light. As I felt Alena's warm body next to mine, I placed my hand on her thigh and gently rubbed her through her pajama bottoms. She didn't respond to ask me to stop, in fact she placed her hand upon my thigh and let it rest there for awhile.

I looked over at her face in the light of the television, and she looked at me with a slight smile, she leaned to me and gave me a large wet kiss with her exquisitely large mouth. She then sat back against the pillows and looked back at the TV set. I took my hand and began to rub her tummy area, her shirt rose up exposing her skin and a very cute little belly button ring. I gently, softly continued rubbing her there as we watched the show.

She must have looked down at my body at some point, and realized that I was somewhat turned on by the show and her being next to me. She moved her hand off my thigh and began to rub my tummy and abdomen as well. We both sat there gently rubbing each others stomachs and my penis became rock hard, pushing my pajama pants well into the air. I moved my hand slightly lower on her abdomen, not quite to her pubic area but just close enough that I could (at times) just feel a bit of pubic hair as I stroked and rubbed her gently. She reciprocated by doing the same thing to me. We both lay there next to each other stroking, touching and watching the show.

As we were doing this, I shifted slightly on the couch to be closer to her and my cock slipped out of my pajama bottoms through the front slot and there my erection stood exposed to the open air and Alena's view. I didn't look at her right away, I continued to rub her gently and she my body and I waited to see what she might do. As the seconds passed, my heart began to pound a bit harder, I slipped my hand a bit further down her abdomen and could now feel my fingers rubbing her pubic hair fully. I gently rubbed her there and ran my hands slightly across both of her thighs underneath her pajama bottoms.

I turned my head to her, and she looked at me, then at my penis standing erect and exposed, then back at me. She gave a small smile, leaned to my face and planted a long wet and sensual kiss upon my lips. As she kissed me, her hand moved to my penis and warmly, strongly, grasped it in her palm, her fingers wrapping around my shaft. “Oh god” I thought to myself, “How wonderfully warm her hands are”. I responded to her kiss with my own tongue dancing with hers as strongly as she danced with mine. I shifted my body more to the right toward her, and slipped my left hand down her pajama pants and began to rub her pubic hair, slipping my fingers directly down toward her sweet spot.

Alena shifted her body as well toward me, at the same time she parted her legs enough to allow my hand complete access to her labia. As I slipped my hand further down, and could feel her luscious warm lips, her vaginal opening and I hunted for her clitoris, she reached up and removed her glasses, then lay back against the pillows closing her eyes and smiling. All the while she never lost touch with my penis in her hand, she wasn't stroking it, simply holding onto it with a strong yet sensitive grasp.

After a few minutes of touching each other, my body began to heat up quite a bit, I wanted this girl, this sweet young thing from Germany, and I wanted her very very badly.

I took my free hand and raised her shirt enough to expose her left breast to me. She didn't move or attempt to stop me, rather she parted her lips slightly, remained in position and seemed to enjoy the prospect of my touch upon her breast. I gently massaged her small breast in my hand, it was barely big enough to fill my palm, but none the less she seemed to derive a good bit of sensation from it. I leaned down and took her nipple into my mouth and began suckling her breast. Gently stroking it with my tongue, alternately suckling at the same time.

Alena responded to this sensation, her eyes remained closed, but her breathing picked up a pace and now her hand began to move along the length of my shaft. Slowly but steadily her hand moved, her palm massaging my member while her thumb and forefinger gently played upon the head of my penis. I enjoyed this sensation and my suckling and kneeding of her breast with my mouth increased. I pushed Alena's shirt up further exposing her other breast and I began to suckle this one while rubbing the other in my free palm. She pulled her hand away from my cock, and reached up and removed her shirt in what seemed like on easy movement. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held my head against her breasts for a few moments, then she grasped my head, and turning it to her face, she kissed me again very very deeply and with great passion. Our tongues dancing together deriving as much pleasure from there touch as we had in touching each others bodies.

My left hand never left her sweet spot, and she had become wet with her own juices as I rubbed her labia, danced my fingers on her clitoris and gently played at the opening of her vagina. She reached down and removed her pajama bottoms easily and quickly. She was now completely naked next to me on the couch, her legs now spread side open, her juicy spot exposed fully, and I gazed down upon this with great pleasure and excitement. I took off my shirt and threw it off to the side.

I slid off the couch, turned her slightly so that her body was now directly in front of me and I pulled her legs open and over my shoulders. I began to kiss her inner thighs, alternatively first one, then the other, all the while moving closer and closer to her sweet spot which was flowing with moisture by this time. I ran my tongue along the inner thigh, just outside her labia and played with her there as well gently rubbing my nose in her pubic hair as I worked her. She lay on the couch, obviously enjoying the feelings I was providing her, and she grasped my hair in both her hands as I worked her. Sometimes pushing my head firmly into her, and other times pushing it away.

My own body was aching for her so much. My cock had been rock hard for awhile now, and I looked forward to slamming it into her body deeply when the moment might arise.

I moved my head and using my tongue found her clitoris between her labia, and took it into my mouth and began suckling it and rubbing it with my tongue. Alena let out a moan which almost scared me into thinking it may attract unwanted attention from either my wife or my daughter upstairs. But as I continued to work her body, Alena seemed to be a bit quieter and more intensely focused on her pleasure and so the momentary fear passed.

She must have been close to coming, as I thought I saw her abdomen and stomach muscles begin fluxuate slightly with my licking. She suddenly pulled my head up, and gently guided me backward on the couch. She now moved onto the floor in her knees and reached down grasping the pajama pants on my waist and pulling them off of my body. I rested back agains the pillows on the couch, Alena opened my legs and she moved quickly inward with her body, placing her hands upon my tummy and thigh and her head moved down to my groin. She began kissing and licking my balls while at the time time working my body with both her hands in a massaging motion which greatly amplified the sensations I was enjoying. I didn't close my eyes however, I remained transfixed looking down at my cock, and this young German girl working me so.

“Oh Alena” I moaned as she began working her tongue along the length of my shaft, “Go girl, Go”. And she responded by grasping my cock in one hand, and placing her lips on the head of my dick, she surrounding my pulsating head with her lips, I could feel her tongue rub against my sweet spot on the backside of my cock, then slowly at first, then with determination, she took all of my into her warm moist mouth. I became lost in the sensation and sight of her going up and down and seeming to take me into her mouth so easily. At times I thought I could feel her throat pushing agains the tip of my penis, but she seemed to continue to perform unaffected and in fact, seeming to work all the more harder with me.

My body was beginning to respond, and I knew that it wouldn't be long before my juices would start flowing and pumping into her. I didn't want to cum in her mouth, I wanted to fill her cute little vagina with my hot sweet seed and so I leaned over toward her and as she continue to suck on my dick, I reached my fingers down to her pubic area, she raised her body up slighly and I slipped my index finger easily into her moist vagina. I began to work my finger in circular motions, rubbing the vagina wall, alternatively pushing my finger into her deeply and my palm rubbing her clitoris in the process.

As I rubbed her and penetrated her body with my fingers, her sucking began happening in time with my touch upon her. Alena's breathing was deep now, coming in heavy gasps as we worked each other harder and harder, faster and faster toward orgasm.

Then suddenly, she arched her had back, eyes closed and I could see her body become rigid. Her mouth opened and as her head remained tured upward toward the ceiling, I could see her stomach begin to pulsate, and juice flow from within her onto the carpet below her. “She's coming” I realized, and I grasped her by her waist, lifted her up onto my lap on the couch, and lowered her upon my cock, it's head and shaft slipping silently, quickly and hard into her body. We assumed the woman on top position as I lay back against the pillows, her hands rested now upon my chest, and I moved her lower body back and forth upon me with speed.

My cock was deeply within her, her weight bore down on me and I could sense that my hot pulsating shaft was reaching into the upper regions of her vagina. She moved with my guidance, back and forth, back and forth, her clitoris rubbing against my pubic hair, faster and faster, harder and harder I pushed upward into her body.

“Oh, oh, oh...” Alena gasped, she moved as if out of control, her sweet little breasts bouncing rapidly with our movements, she grasped them both in her hands and rubbed them mightily as I could see her orgasm build, broader, stronger intensely until it finally overtook her whole being, and I could feel my own body begin pumping fluid mightily into her.

“Oh yes, take me Alena” I pronounced, “I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm filling you up!” and her body seemed to go through mutliple orgasmic cramping as my juices flowed within her. She seemed to emit a long continuous moaning as we moved together, my cum entering hotly into her and her own juices now covering my pubic area, my thighs and quite literally dripping on the floor in front of the couch.

She exclaimed a few words in German which I didn't understand really, and then she collapsed upon my body. She lay on me hot and sweating, breathing heavily next to my ear and her arms grasping me tightly as her orgasm began to subside. Our bodies remained enjoined as one. My member still hard and deep within her, now pumped dry and not wanting to leave this girls body.

We lay there for a few minutes as our breathing calmed, and our hearts stopped racing. She raised her head and said to me in her broken english “Da wonderfull” she whispered, “it was wonderful”. And I lay there thinking how lucky I was to have taken the chance to be with her, and how enjoyable it was to have completely taken her tonight.

After awhile, we sat up, gathered our clothes together and slipped them back on. I walked with her to her room and we embraced kissing once more and saying good night. I then turned off the TV, turned out the lights, and headed upstairs to sleep next to my wife whom I knew would have been in no mood to provide any sex nearly half as exciting as I had just enjoyed with Alena.

Sweet dreams everyone.

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