one hot night  

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12/9/2005 9:03 pm

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one hot night

I'm just thinking how much fun we had last summer. My husband and I had meet with some friends at a little bar around the corner from the house and was getting ready to leave when one of the guys said he had the coldest beer in town at his place. We all went to his house and started to drink the next thing I know is that we are all in the bedroom and are totally naked.I have to say that it is true what they say about black men they are very well endowed in the man parts. I didn't think I could put the whole thing in my mouth but I tried my best. If my memerory correct there where two very well hung black men and I was ready to fuck. I must say it can be a little tricky trying to please three men at the same time but I handled it well.We fucked and sucked well into the morning.I was pretty sore the next couple of days but it was all worth it. If I could do it again I would in a heartbeat.

rm_texlovers415 54M/46F

5/10/2006 2:19 pm

Sounds like the kind of fun we would love to have.

austinmilfbbc 56M/56F

10/8/2006 12:34 pm

we know what you mean,,,,especially the part of being too sore to walk for days...

gambino718 36M

12/18/2006 6:11 am

that is soo hot...white and spanish women fuckin black guys....i love watching my wife being a block cock slut...its so crazy seeing 13 inch black cocks fuck my wife...u guys rock..heres a pic of my slut wife

WorldWideCouple 57M/56F

12/31/2006 11:46 am

I am looking forward to my opportunity to play with 3 young hung studs....

txbignfit 41M

1/2/2007 11:31 pm

give me a chance! Young Hung Stud ready to BAT and KNOCK the PUS out of the park

rm_tbear926 52M
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6/20/2007 11:11 pm

call me i am fun and big

rm_sudheer982 41M
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6/28/2007 6:18 am

rm_sudheer982 41M
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6/28/2007 6:19 am

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