Best Day of July  

bethnumberthree 29F
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7/15/2005 2:39 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Best Day of July

TODAY WAS THE BEST DAY OF JULY!! Today was like the best possible day a girl could ask for. Let's see, where could I possibly start to say all the happy things that happened today. Well let us start with the most important thing, my family left. That's right, my family left. My family from Texas come up every year for the first two weeks of July, and they then become the longest two weeks ever. The first 14 days of July basically revolve around getting up early and going to my camp, which is over by Colyer Lake, and not coming home until dark. Which you know wouldn't be that bad if there was ever anything to do. I mean they have a television and what not there but I can never use it unless I want to watch little kid movies with my cousins. So anyway. During the day I get to sit there and chase around whichever grandchildren my aunt and uncle bring with them, make sure they don't get injured or break anything. Which isn't really that bad, except for this year there was a lot more to break because of them finally finishing up the garage. The garage has a full kitchen, bathroom, and loft bedroom. My uncle plans to rent it out for the Penn State home games once he finally has it finished, which should belike 2 more years or so. But anyway, so yea I ended up chasing around like 10 kids this year, not all from the same aunt and uncle thou. It wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't sick, but I am, well I was so it sucked ass. Then lets see yea that's basically how my first 14 days of July went, but they are gone now. *Dances* Then to top it off, I got to sleep in today, and spend most of the day in the AC. I mean it is not real hot out but anytime I get to watch TV all day and lay in the AC is a good day, plus I was home alone, another great thing. My dad took me out for lunch and then took me shopping to get some new stuff for college and what not. So yea today is like the best possible day ever. I am having such a good day, including the fact that my boyfriend actually talked to me and what not. Then tomorrow is going to be a great day too. I get to go to ArtsFest and hang out with all my friends, even though they are all younger than me it will be so much fun. I will get to see my #2 *dances* who I haven't seen in like forever. Watch out State College, the Beth's are back together for one grand finale in State College. So yea, just wanted to let everyone know that things were looking up and that TODAY IS THE BEST DAY OF JULY!!!

hardwide6 56M
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7/15/2005 9:13 pm

Good for you, Beth.....thanks for sharing something good with us!!!

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