is mexico run by idiots?  

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6/2/2006 7:50 pm
is mexico run by idiots?

i heard on the news that mexico is trying to sue the u.s.a. because their citizens are being denied access to work in the u.s.a. which they claim is a legal right to cross the border illegally after the new idea, well old idea just being implemented now, of possibly putting up a fence and actually guarding it to stop people from crossing the border.. its not the illegal immigrants that is the main concern why we need to get a physical border up and patrolled.. we need a fence patrol like the one isreal has.. you should see how well they patrol that fense that tries to stop suicide bombers, i forget where it is but it was talked about by a radio show host i listen to on his trip to there and he stoped his rental near teh fence to just look at the fence and the area around it and apperently your not supposed to stop your car near the fence or even go near the fence and all these guards jumped out of no where demanding to know why he disreguarded the sign saying don't stop in front of the fence.. very odd but effective..

anyways the main reason why we need a physical border, above and below ground I'd hope because anyone can tunnel under a wire fence, is the people who aren't mexican and are oddly coming accross the southern border who bring weapons and other naughty things with them. I bet no one here probly even heard about Costco and how they have repeatedly been caught shipping shoulder fired missles in their shipping containers into u.s. ports they own and then claim not knowing about the weapons when they were found twice.. who knows how many other shipping containers they shipped over had other weapons..

just googling i found a copy of one report i'm sure you can find more

we need one hell of a top notch security guard patrolling down there along the border and our north border on the ground and in the air.. the current level of one person patrolling 60miles by themselves on canadian border needs to be stopped.. it should be 1 person patrols 10-20ft.. now that would be great to see.. hell i'm scared to hell if they have a draft any time soon, i'm a wuss i admit it, but if they need volunteers if they want to put people 10-20ft apart on the border to patrol it i'd volunteer for that.. i'd feel alot better with people placed that close together for anyone trying to get across..

also this crap with the mexican army helping drug smugglers cross our border safely and our border agents being told by higherups that they have to let them pass because we can't afford any incidents to black eye our borders has to be stopped.. if the mexican army want's to try to cross our border and help these aholes cross .. shoot to kill.. i'm not one that likes violence and usually catch and release bugs that get inside my house outside but another countries goons knowingly crossing our borders should stop.. they have no legal right to help drug smugglers cross our borders and who knows what other groups bribed the mex army to help them across..

now don't get me wrong i'm all for immigration.. my great grandparents immigrated here as kids on all branches of my family tree so my family is recent immigrants and doesn't go back to the founding days but illegal crossing is wrong.. take the test and pass it. i heard alot of people pay smugglers 10k to help them across the border.. where the hell do they get the money for it? i don't even have 10k and i'm here, i'm still in college but if things are really worse there where do they get 10k?? idk.. i've read through portions of the written test and alot of it seems kinda easy, not all mind you but you should immigrate legally like my great grandparents did in the early 1900's.. those tests you weren't even aware you were even being tested as they observed your movements going up steps, walking and so on for disablilities, disease, sickness, and other things.. there you weren't even aware of being tested yet. idk i'm probly just ranting at this point i better just shut up before it gets worse lol..

i'm a bad blogger i know..

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