how dumb are some people?  

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3/18/2006 1:15 pm
how dumb are some people?

Where i work i have to sign people in and make sure they don't eat, drink, smoke, or use thier cell phones and help people with minor problems with applications and pc problems in the lab, not home pc's we just help with stuff like floppies stuck in drives and windows problems.. I can't say much like where, not anywhere special just a part time job signing people into computer labs so they can work on homework, research and whatnot. Anyways we have 4 easy rules. Being no eating, drinking, smoking, and using your cell.. easy right? not difficult. You can bring a sealed beverage (ie pop bottle, unsealed like a coffee vending machine cup of tea isn't allowed because it can spill on a computer and has happened sadly) and food you can keep in a bag or bookbag next to you. We're not evil or anything just don't eat or drink.

A guy came in a couple days ago, coffe cup and a wendi's bag if i recall right. I reminded the person that there is no eating or drinking inside the lab and just keep the items on the floor next to you. (unsealed drinks they have to finish before they can enter just because if they spill it in the keyboar or on the monitor and such not a hard request)

Everythings fine and not 5 minutes later.. He's eating one of the sandwichs there at the terminal.. Kindly asked him to step outside into the hallway and finish it there.. Comes back not 10min later he's driking his coffee and eating again, so my associate working with me walked over and told him again there isn't any eating or drinking in the lab.

His response was we told him when he signed in that he could eat and drink in the lab.. yea.. sure we did.. neither of us had left since the time he signed in so we knew this wasn't true. We told him what we said and is clearly marked when you enter no eating or drinking and the other 2 rules. He wasn't to happy with this and if i recall right he put it all away and went back to using the pc.

I don't know is asking 4 simple things too much to ask of someone who's supposed to be using the computers for research and other purposes to not do that?

We don't watch what people do on the pc's but there are some times, very rarely that people come up and complain that someone's looking at porn. Not a big deal, its not against the rules to look at it. Its just after a complaint we have to ask the person to look at non porn materials because someone complained. There has been a couple times that someone has looked at kiddie materials and security has been called down to kick them out. But has only happened a couple time and only once since i began working there. It's just really rare.

i've had a lot of weird character come in, just complainers and such. Not stuff i can put up on this blog but can tell people IRL just trying to stay somewhat annonymous so i don't lose my job for just saying it thats all.

I forgot there is a 5th rule.. to enter the lab you have to present your ID card and that it is up to date. Takes 1-4minutes to update your ID and not very hard to do. I have had several women curse at me because i couldn't let them into the lab because they didn't have their id card on them and thus i could't know if they were allowed or not. Theres no way i can look them up if they just give me thier id number so they are pretty much out of luck. I said ladies because it so far has only been ladies to curse at me about it and call me names.. how childish for just asking for their card to verify who they are and that they are allowed in. It's not asking alot.. i've lost my id as well and i understand not having it but i got it replaced for 5 bucks which for some reaon they don't want to do that.

oh yea 6th rule: 20 page print limit per day per lab. Yea i'm not terribly strict on it.. after you hear 40pages print out at one time you get annoyed turns out its someone printing some stupid powerpoint project and their excuse is usually i didn't hear it print 3 seconds after i hit print so i hit print again and again.. Come on the file is 7mega bytes in size it won't print instantly like a 12kilo byte microsoft word file.. the file is pretty big for hte printer to recieve and prepare for printing so it can take a minute.

no other rules i forgot sorry about that but still not terribly hard.. just don't try printing out an entire book and your fine.. yea there are some sites taht are 30pages long thats fine just try not to print it out 3 times and we won't have to say anything.. we don't have a large budget on tonor so thats why we have a print limit and no the people that come to the labs don't pay anything to get in so asking to print 20 or less pages isn't asking a whole lot

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